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Communication with other citizens in the community is a vital part of eRepublik.
The table below lists the community run forums, and chat channels, of the nations of the New World.
Chat channels are rizon channels, unless it is stated otherwise.

Nr Community Website Discord channel
0 Icon-eRepublik.png eRepublik eRepublik Forum eRepublik
1 Icon-Albania.png Albania N/A eAlbania
2 Icon-Argentina.png Argentina eRepublik Argentina Forum eRepublik AR
3 Icon-Armenia.png Armenia N/A N/A
4 Icon-Australia.png Australia New eAustralia Forum eAUS
5 Icon-Austria.png Austria N/A N/A
6 Icon-Belarus.png Belarus eRepublik Belarus Forum N/A
7 Icon-Belgium.png Belgium eBelgium's Official Facebook Page eBelgium
8 Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia eRepublik Bolivia Forum eBolivia
9 Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina N/A N/A
10 Icon-Brazil.png Brazil ErepublikBR eRepublik - eBrasil
11 Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria eBulgaria Forum eRepublik Bulgaria
12 Icon-Canada.png Canada New eCanada Forum N/A
13 Icon-Chile.png Chile N/A Chile Erepublik
14 Icon-China.png China eChina Forum
Forum of eChina
15 Icon-Colombia.png Colombia N/A eColombia
16 Icon-Croatia.png Croatia N/A Croatia eRepublik
17 Icon-Cuba.png Cuba eCuba Forum Cuban National Chat
18 Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus N/A eRepublik_Cyprus
19 Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic N/A N/A
20 Icon-Denmark.png Denmark eDenmark
21 Icon-Egypt.png Egypt eEgypt Forum (non-official / Catalan) Egypt
22 Icon-Estonia.png Estonia N/A E-Eesti Vabariik
23 Icon-Finland.png Finland N/A N/A
24 Icon-France.png France ErepFrance eRepublikFrance
25 Icon-Georgia.png Georgia N/A N/A
26 Icon-Germany.png Germany eGermany eGermany
27 Icon-Greece.png Greece eGreece official forum eRepublik Greece
28 Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Community Forum eHungary
29 Icon-India.png India Forum of India eIndia
30 Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia eRepublik Indonesia eIndonesia
31 Icon-Iran.png Iran N/A
32 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland eIreland community eIreland
33 Icon-Israel.png Israel N/A The Holy Land
34 Icon-Italy.png Italy eItaly Italy eRepublik
35 Icon-Japan.png Japan N/A eJapan (not official)
36 Icon-Latvia.png Latvia N/A eRepublik #eLV
37 Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania N/A eLietuvos serveris
38 Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia New eMalaysian forum N/A
39 Icon-Mexico.png Mexico N/A N/A
40 Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro [no forum] N/A
41 Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands eNetherlands eNetherlands
42 Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand N/A N/A
43 Icon-Nigeria.png Nigeria Nigerian Forum N/A
44 Icon-North Korea.png North Korea N/A N/A
45 Icon-Norway.png Norway eRepublik NO N/A
46 Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan N/A ePakistan
47 Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay eParaguay Forum
eRepublik Paraguay
48 Icon-Peru.png Peru ePeru Forum N/A
49 Icon-Philippines.png Philippines ePhilippine Forum N/A
50 Icon-Poland.png Poland eRepublik Poland #epl
51 Icon-Portugal.png Portugal eRepublik PT eRepublikPT
52 Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) N/A N/A
53 Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Unknown eMacedonia
54 Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova eMoldova Unknown
55 Icon-Romania.png Romania Blog eRomania N/A
56 Icon-Russia.png Russia N/A N/A
57 Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia N/A N/A
58 Icon-Serbia.png Serbia eSerbia eRepublik Srbija
59 Icon-Singapore.png Singapore eSingapore Forums N/A
60 Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia eSlovensko N/A
61 Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia N/A N/A
62 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa N/A N/A
63 Icon-South Korea.png South Korea eRep Naver Cafe 이리퍼 네이버 카폐 N/A
64 Icon-Spain.png Spain eRepublik Spain eSpain
65 Icon-Sweden.png Sweden eRepublik SE eSweden
66 Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland eSwiss Forum eSwitzerland
67 Icon-Thailand.png Thailand eThailand N/A
68 Icon-Turkey.png Turkey eRepublik Türkiye eTürkiye eErepublik Devleti
69 Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine N/A eUkraine
70 Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates N/A N/A
71 Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom eUK Forums eUK Server
72 Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay N/A eUruguay
73 Icon-USA.png USA eUSA Forums eUSA
74 Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Erepublik Venezuela Venezuela 2.0

Note: Discord channels added from update 292.