The Labour Party

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The Labour Party

Party-The Labour Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation Lab
Forum [1]
Dissolved November 17, 2010
Members 29
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Republican Socialist Party
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Labour Party (Paírtí An Lucht Oibre in Irish) was the main left wing political party in Ireland, with strong links to other left wing parties internationally, including the People's Communist Party, the Communist Party - Soviet Union, the Socialist Freedom Party, the Kommunistische Partei eD and the Australian Communist Party.

The Labour Party was also Ireland's foremost eIrish Republican party, having the strongest views on the unification of Northern Ireland with the South, and organising militarily via its paramilitary wing, the Irish Citizen Army. On November 17th, it was turned into Republican Socialist Party.


The Constitution of the Labour Party states that the party is an alliance of socialists, communists, Irish Republicans and militarists.

Socialism & Communism

The Labour Party is bound by its constitution to fight for and protect the interests of the general population over general managers and corporations, for the good of general society. In practical terms, this means supporting the right of workers to a fair share of profits. It also means the party operates its own commune system, to provide an alternative to regular companies for people who wish to get away from the status quo. Labour believes that citizens should have the same opportunities, rather than being divided by how much money they can control.

eIrish Republicanism

The party is also bound to fight for and defend a Republic of Ireland consisting of the entire island, with no part of the country occupied by a foreign power. This in effect means the liberation of Northern Ireland by the Republic, by whatever means are necessary. The party's paramilitary wing was in part formed as a direct expression of this will.


Labour believes that the main expression of politics in this game aside from economic questions are military objectives. Therefore, the party is committed to restructuring the country to be capable of sustained warfare over the long term. This ties in with its economic objectives as well, as the party is against war profiteering.

History of the Labour Party

Foundation and the early days

The party was founded on December 15th 2009, by Brian Boru in light of the Irish Social Democrats shift away from republican socialist policies. The number of players involved remained small. Boru left in mid-January to aid the Russian communists in their Gosplan programme, leaving the party to Irishbhoy1967, who continued building the membership. The party's first TD (congressperson) was also elected in December.


Labour continued to grow in size and ambition. The party had won four seats by February 2010, the same number as the ISD, despite not being in the top 5 parties. In March, the party doubled its representation in the Dáil to eight seats thanks to an excellent election management system. The party constitution was written and passed, putting the values of the Labour Party in stone. The Irish Citizen Army was founded officially, to serve as the paramilitary wing of the party.

Irishbhoy's first Presidential run

In May 2010, Irishbhoy1967 ran for the position of Ireland's President, the Taoiseach, and lost by a slim margin. The top two parties were forced to unite behind a single candidate, due to the popular backing that Irishbhoy commanded. IBhoy also received endorsements from key Irish allies during the course of his campaign.

The Rebirth of The Labour Party

On 15th of April 2014, An Sluagh won the Party Presidential elections with only 35.71% of the party support. He immediately began rebuilding the party from a small unit to become Ireland's largest party within two months. The party peaked in the month of May 2014 when a party record of 12 congressmen were elected (29.10%). Coming into the summer months, numbers began to fall and the party fell back into being ranked 2nd and has maintained this position since. Despite this setback, The Labour Party continues to be an instrumental factor in eIrish politics.

Party Presidents

Party Presidents
Party President Name From To
Citizen891902.jpg Brian Boru 16th Dec 2009 2nd Jan 2010
Unknown Person.jpg Kevin Hutchison 2nd Jan 2010 15th Jan 2010
Unknown Person.jpg Platyn92 16th Jan 2010 15th Feb 2010
Irish Citizen Army.png irishbhoy1967 16th Feb 2010 15th Mar 2010
Citizen2008374.jpg Mr Ginge 16th Mar 2010 15th May 2010
Citizen1461460 v3.jpg orangejuicemmm 16th May 2010 15th Jul 2010
Citizen891902.jpg Brian Boru 16th Jul 2010 15th Aug 2010
Unknown Person.jpg Chris Cuthbertson 16th Aug 2010 15th Sep 2010
Citizen1020472 v2.jpg Eldarion Sionnodel 16th Sep 2010 15th Oct 2010