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Grzechooo - Wiki Contribütor, Über Editor, and Sysop. I'm speaking Polish and English.

Wiki Timeline

  • 13:41, 25 October 2008 - made first edit
  • 05:07, 16 April 2009 - became an Über Editor
  • 18:40, 29 Jüne 2010 - became an Administrator

(CET time :P)


Some stats

My Wiki score: 1,079 points



Icon - Titanium.png This üser was a eRepüblik Rising (V2) Beta Tester.
Star.png This üser is an Über Editor.
Star.png This üser is an Administrator.
Star.png This üser have deleted over 9000 pages/files. Nah, not really, around 200.
Star.png This üser is the longest serving Über Editor (check), since 16 April 2009 (exactly 2234 days)
Star.png This üser is the longest serving Administrator (check), since 29 Jüne 2010 (exactly 1794 days)
Star.png This üser has had his accoünt created 2416 days ago (16 October 2008). Yup, that's a crapton of days.

Don't worry about the contents, it's a huge mess.