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| align="center" | 171[[File:sus.png]]
| align="center" | 171[[File:sus.png]]
| align="center" | [[File:UD.jpg|50px]]
| align="center" | [[File:UD.jpg|50px]]
| align="center" | [[Uniunea Democrata]]  
| align="center" | [[Partidul Democrat]]  
| align="center" | [[Gica RoUni]]
| align="center" | [[Doru Gradinaru]]
| align="center" | Center-left, Libertarian
| align="center" | Center-left, Libertarian
| align="center" | [http://www.erepublik.com/en/party/uniunea-democrata-4078/1 UD]
| align="center" | [http://www.erepublik.com/en/party/uniunea-democrata-4078/1 UD]

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The following are political parties in Romania.

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

The following is a list of parties [10], ranked by membership.

Members Flag Party Leader Orientation Link and Abbreviation Newspaper
498File:Jos.png Templierii.jpg Templierii s4ndu Center-right, Libertarian Templierii eTemplierii
327File:Jos.png 50px eRomanian Brainstorming Party white lion1973 Center-left, Libertarian eRBP Brain Party
286File:Sus.png File:TMP.jpg The Matza Party mib_boby Center, Libertarian TMP The Matza News
262File:Sus.png 50px eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail Senshi San Far-right, Authoritarian eLAM Glasul Legiunii
253File:Sus.png 50px ALIANTA ionutzd Center-left, Libertarian ALIANTA ALIANTA News
171File:Sus.png 50px Partidul Democrat Doru Gradinaru Center-left, Libertarian UD e Observer
162File:Jos.png 50px Partidul Liberal Ovidiu Sky Center-right, Libertarian PL Academia Liberala
63File:Sus.png 50px JUSTICE vali71 Center-right, Libertarian Justice Justice Office
39File:Jos.png 50px eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati Alex Craciun Center-right, Libertarian eUGD Not available
21File:Jos.png Party-PartiduI Roz.jpg Partidul Roz Naufragiatu Center-right, Libertarian PZ Not available


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