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On August 25th, 2009 citizen Luke Love was born into the region of Texas (eIndonesian at the time). Luke Love soon fled eIndonesia and arrived in the eUK where he joined the PCP (Peoples Communist Party) where he became very involved. Luke Love then served in congress for Northern Ireland twice and soon decided to explore financial gain potential of the PCP. Luke devised a plan to open several Commune grain companies, which pay their employees in food and the occasional weapon. The profit margin was huge, and allowed him to expand until he had made several hundred gold, which instead of contributing to the party he pocketed. He then moved to the eUkraine where he opened several iron companies that exported back to the eUK at a higher price. Finally Luke shifted between the eUS, eMexico, and eBelgium then finally settled back in the eUK. Today Luke Love can be found in the eUK where he is working on advancement in military rank.