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General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Total Soldiers 24
Commanded by millyi
2nd RazgrizVS
Commanders INkyZ
1st Regiment Captain Chilese Stefano


Founded by a group of soldiers along well and already skilled in military exercises under the guidance of Commander Neri Fiorentino, blends with almost all the soldiers of the Military Unit Brigata Folgore already are commanded by Iena Revenge.

On e-day 1.693 at 04:42 pm ER FOLLIA assumed command of -AUDAX-. In August 2015, Millyi was detected as commander. In November 2015, new commander was F0LLIA, former captain of 1st Regiment.


From May 2012 has confirmed a daily basis:

  • the third Italian Military Unit (for killed enemies):
  • the first in terms of return field (estimated by dividing the number of killed enemies by the number of members).

Communication Media Incorporation

It established the newspaper -AudaX- and the direction was entrusted to IncazzatoNero.

Chat: Rizon Pubblic chan: #audax
Forum: AUDAX on ForumFree
WEB: AUDAX website
Guide: "Guide Audaci"


3R4S3R68 - Chilese Stefano - ER FOLLIA - Lino Brusce - Millyi - Neri Fiorentino - Robert Q - TheBestio - F0LLIA

1st Regiment

Commander: F0LLIA
Second Commanders: Neri Fiorentino
Capitano: IncazzatoNero

Members: abrando (former 2nd regiment) - arby991 - BomberPruzzo (former 3rd regiment) - Carmine Vizza (former 2nd regiment) - Chilese Stefano - Cico Puto - Dirty B4stard - leyolas (former 2nd regiment) - Lucien Lachance (former 2nd regiment) - millyi (former 2nd regiment) - momo08 (former 3rd regiment) - PiPp0 - RazgrizVS - ScriberITA - Simone71 (former 3rd regiment) - Teliko (former 2nd regiment) - The Italian Dark Knight - TheBestio (former 2nd regiment) - zerozerouno

2nd Regiment

Captain: /

Members: Robert Q

3rd Regiment

No members at the moment.

Former Members

Some of the former members can be viewed in the table below.

Soldier Served in Regiment Note
AbuelitoMultti Moved to Uruguay
Switched to ALBATROS
albone Dead
Alexandergat Banned
AlexFila 1 Dead
andreami8 1 Switched to Elite eItaliana
Anga69 2 Dead
Azathol 2 Switched to La Compagnia dell'Anello
biancovolto Switched to Esercito eItaliano
Bilyforby 2 Dead
Blascolo 1 Dead
BOOMSLANG87 Switched to La Compagnia dell'Anello
BotCha 1 Dead
broc93 Dead
chexxx Dead
Danny54 1 Dead
David Garbarino Dead
DeltaMachine 1 Dead
Dun Vegan 1 Switched to Elite eItaliana
eFulvio De Persio 1 Dead
Eraser01 Dead
Francesco Baraldi Dead
Geremiaiaiao 1 Dead
Giuseppe Pupella 3 Switched to F A I - Forze Armate Italiane
Guidobaldo Maria Riccardelli 3 Dean
I.Rapid.I Moved to USA
Switched to United States Armed Forces
Iena Revenge Dead
italianboy123 1 Banned
Jason McMaddox Dead
Jon MC Lain 3 Dead
katana 99 2 Dead
KursadTurk3 Moved to South Africa
Switched to Lazocracy Africa
Longoba Dead
lorenzo978 Switched to Elite eItaliana
LozioLudo 2 Dead
mach2 2 Dead
Marx96 Dead
Mattste 3 Dead
Max Ciroso 1 Banned
Mfricks 3 Dead
Michele Basciu Dead
Michele Muro 2 Dead
Miglianico Dead
Napoleone Dead
Pasquic Dead
Phitio 1 Switched to F A I - Forze Armate Italiane
Pibez83 Dead
plutarco74 3 Dead
Queen Rita 1 Dead
rexanix 3 Dead
Rocco 'n' Rollo 1, 2 (Captain) Switched to Elite eItaliana
sarignas 2 Dead
Shadakar71 Dead
Secuea Banned
Sentinell99 2 Dead
telidus 2 Dead
To Do 2 Dead
Tom Just Switched to Brigata Partigiana Jovan
Tonmu 1 Switched to Elite eItaliana
ultras600 1 Dead
Vonotar 1 Dead
Vox Awesome 1 Switched to Elite eItaliana
WaZoboli 1 Become Commander of Esercito degli Stati Estensi
wolf127 Moved to Colombia
Switched to FMC Comandos Especiales