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După ce ai aplicat pentru cetăţenie, trebuie să accepţi ca un membru al congresului a acelei ţări să accepte.

Acceptând Cetăţenia

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Pe pagina "Society (Societate)" a ţării, în secţiunea "Citizens (Cetăţeni)", există un rând numit "Citizenship requests (Cereri pentru cetăţenie)". Pe partea dreaptă există butonul "View requests (Vezi cereri)". Dând click, vei ajunge la o pagină cu două categorii: "Pending (În aşteptare)" şi "Approved (Acceptate)". În dreapta, membrii congresului pot vedea un număr reprezentând câte "Citizenship passes (Acceptări de cetăţenie)" le-au mai rămas.

În aşteptare

On this page you will see citizenship applications that haven't yet been approved or that have expired. On the left side you will see citizen's avatar and name under the header Citizen. Under the header Details you will see their reason for applying citizenship, current country they are a citizen of, date when they arrived to the country they're applying citizenship of, and when their application expires.

Accept citizenship.png
On the right side of the applications, congress members have Accept button which they can use to accept that application.

Please note that Congress members can only accept citizenship requests. Citizenship pending takes ten days.


On this page you will see citizenship applications that have been approved by a congress member. Under the header Citizen you will see citizen's avatar and name. Under the header Approved on is displayed date when that particular application was accepted, and congress member who accepted the citizenship application is shown under the header Approved by.


To prevent political take overs, citizenships can be granted only 10% of the country's voting population (all citizens with a level above or equal to 14) during one congress term. One congress member can approve only certain number of citizenship requests, which is that 10% divided by number of congress members. For a country with 10 000 citizens and 40 congress members, this would mean that one congressman can approve 0.1 * 10 000 / 40 = 25 citizenship requests. Citizens who are born to the country receive the citizenship automatically and don't affect the number of applications congress is able to accept.


Will it be necessary that ALL Congress members accept a citizenship request, in some sort law voting for citizenship? Isn't that going to flood the Congress?
No, citizenship is offered personally and manually by a Congress member. There is no law, just a list from which Congress members can chose to whom to give citizenship by simply accepting his/her application.

A maximum of 10 % of a country's population possibly being offered citizenship, means a lot. With just one infiltrated congressman, citizenship can be granted to hundreds for a PTO attempt, right?
Actually this is not true. This is because each congress member can only grant citizenship to a maximum number of people out of the total number possible (total number= 10 % of country population). So, in a country with 10.000 citizens, and 40 congressmen, it turns out that an “infiltrated” spy could offer citizenship to a maximum of 25 people. No congressman can grant 26 in a mandate of one month, regardless of how many citizenships are still available out of the initial 1000.

Will it be possible to see which congressman has accepted a specific citizenship application via the citizenship module?
Yes, the citizenship application list is divided into two areas: pending applications and accepted applications. Accepted applications lists all the citizens that received citizenship in the last 10 days and also the congressman that pushed the “Yes” button.

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