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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
National rank 571
Date of birth 21-05-2008
Residence Centro
Political party Velhocracia
Military unit FA Portuguesas
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 [02:03] <AngelofSorrows> CCG: eu n te mando f*der passear pq é má onda dar esperança a inuteis 
(AngelofSorrows (well, duh!))

In the Beginning

In the beginning, around day 183 of the Holy ϐ, there were no angels below heaven, until Bl1ndn3ss brought her along.

The turnons

The theme and potential of the game

The turnoffs

The oversimplicity of its API's and the constant bugs that seem never to be fixed properly.

Overall View

Despite the humungous potencial and the genius idea behind it, this game has a lot to improve.

The social component is great (forum,chats,etc), but the creators of the game should find some people that have real life training in Sociology, Economy, Politics, International Relations, etc to work with them in the development of new features and fixing some issues that occur daily in the game.

Socially, really

AngelofSorrows decided to stick around eRepublik just because of his womanly bonds with the ePortuguese community. Nowadays, unfortunately, even that's not enough to keep her past proactive stance in the game, in ePortugal especially.

Political Activity

When she joined, there were almost no parties, so she decided to join Social Democracia Portuguesa for its (past center-left) ideological views. She is reminded (from beta version) as one of the active voices against "Super-Might Portugal" Plan, because of its far-left extremism.

By then she became a Portuguese Forum Senator and beggin to try to convince others of the importance of an understanding between the Government and the GM's.

AngelofSorrows always believed in a mixed economical plan (Private companies, with State companies moderating market prices) who kept citizen's best interest first. After all, that's what politics needs to be like.

Later, as president of SDP (was elected 5 times during his eLife), identifying herself with the broadening of ideas from Partido Deixa Andar, in which were implemented compatible ideals, entered a successful coalition to win the elections.

With the passing from Beta version to V1, she became Congresswomen representing SDP for six times now.

She was invited to work as Manager of the Government Training Schools for newbies and later became the Portuguese Minister of Economy for the coalition headed by former President Hideway.

Later due to real life issues she had to reduce her time spent on the game and decided to reduce her political activity by not running to the Party Presidency again.

A few weeks later, and due to the caos that was instaled inside the SDP, she decided to take a break from the political activity and left the SDP Party.

Having no Political Party at the end on 2009 she has decided to travel the world and fight always on the PEACE side until she can create an ideal place to move to with her one true love Arthk.


It is uncertain did Angelo fulfill its goal mentioned in the previous sentence, but today she is a member of Velhocracia and soldier in FA Portuguesas.