Armed Forces of Armenia

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Armed Forces of Armenia
Հայաստանի Հանրապետության բանակ

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General Information
Country Flag-Armenia.jpg Armenia
Total Soldiers 167
Commanded by Country President
2nd Commander Prime Minister Cabinet & Ministry of Defence


Since the beginning of Armenian history, a group of native citizens joined in order to draw what would be a great country. As such, and under the command of Machiavelli, Sar.Windsor and KokoAp was formed what was to become the national army. In the first place, this becomes the largest military unit in the country after having just become a national representative after a proposal by Sar.Windsor, which was approved by unanimity in Congress.


As approved in Congress, the National Army is responsibility of Country President, Prime Minister Cabinet and Minister of Defence. The National Army commander and second commander are nominated by the election between these organs. Congress still has the power to reject this nomination and justifying it by the supermajority (66%).

Conduct and respect

All the members are required to follow a set of rules of conduct, and also, the disrespect towards the hierarchy is intolerable.

Honour Committee

The National Army has the right to have one representative in the Honour Committee.