Avrasya Birliği Partisi

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Avrasya Birliği Partisi

General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation ABP
Founded 10 January 2009
Dissolved 2010
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Halk Gucu Cephesi
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian


This party had 143 members before it became the Halk Gucu Cephesi party.

Establishment Duration

Avrasya Birliği Partisi aka Eurasia Integration Party has founded by the ex-Müdafaa-i Hukuk Cemiyeti and present Turkish President Inverus. His first introducing speech was[1];

MHC Changing... JOIN this movement!!!

Dear eTurkey, ePalestine, eBulgaria, eJewish and eGreek citizens,

I would like to announce happily that "Eurasia Integration Party has just established!!!"

You can clearly see that in new world, everyday new wars (resistance or normal) occurs and therefore we need to change something this would be TO UNITE. Because Turkey's borders includes lots of opportunity and rich resources to live peacefully both economical and social. Therefore I, as a party president and also the country president of Turkey, WANT TO close ex-issues between our nations and have a fresh start to develop our community.

As a beginning, We have changed our party name & flag. Our party name is Eurasia Integration Party. Our flag includes all of our nations includes Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Greece and Bulgaria.

This party administration includes not only Turks but also other nation's representative. Therefore I want you to join this movement.

Here are the opportunities of our party members,
1. Party Administration Committee includes not only Turks but also Greeks, Jews etc.
2. All of the people joined our party will have an opportunity to be a congressman in their region. I.E. yotamnor can be a candidate for Haifa. Higginz can be a candidate for Central Greece etc.
3. If a party member couldn't be elected as a congressman he can have an opportunity to be in a administrative position of our country.
4. Support of party members such as gifts, food etc.
5. Citizens related news translation to English to inform all the citizens living in Turkey...

President of Turkey and
Eurasia Integration Party

Political Vision

To represent not only Turkish citizens but also Greek and Israeli citizens in Turkish congress. As a beginning the party will decide the regions of our candidates. Our reserved place 1 congressman for each Greece & Israeli regions. This won't be a total (Greece+Israel) of 8 regions.

Economical Vision

To stay in a United position to become successful in economy. To develop economical structure of Turkey. Making Turkish monetary one of the leading monetary markets all over the world. To make Turkish marketplace full of cheap & high quality both importing and producing. To make companies open new raw industries in a right regions. To develop new industries in order to invite foreigner investors.

Military Vision

To make Turkish army to become one of the leading armies all over the world. To defend PEACE not only in Turkey but also in the borders of all PEACE members nations.

Social Vision

To provide wellness by sending gifts every Saturday with the help of Turkish Red Cross. To provide Q5 Houses to workers who will be in government services.(Ulusal Hastane etc.)

Media Vision

To write down weekly newsletters about what's happening in Turkey both Turkish & English to inform not only Turkish citizens but also Greeks and Jews.

Confederation Thought

Our aim is to live under Confederation system. This will allow us to use High productivity in raw materials also lots of employees living together. Let's took an example of China. They have got their independence in November but they didn't have enough population to defend itself and they were being invaded by Iranians. Please take this example for your cause because if you've got your independence soon or later you'll again be invaded or politically taken by others. This can be Romanian, Iranian or Italian. Name of the country is NOT important. The result I feel is too harsh.

Also Turkish markets and economical structure is always better than your own economical structure. One of my workers has just written this "I earn much more than in Greece and buy lots of thing than ever!!!"