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Be My eRepublik Valentine was an article[1] in the eRepublik Insider announcing a contest to get players to answer the question "What is Love?" Citizens responded in the forum and three winners were announced.

Be My eRepublik Valentine

Dear citizens, Valntine's Day is coming, and since most of us are still trying to convince our girlfriends to play eRepublik, we want to organize something nice for them on this occasion. We are going to buy them something like flowers and chocolates (or else, things could get nasty), but what can we do in eRepublik, offer them q5 gifts? There must be more to it, something related to the essence Valentine's Day. Just have a look at the images below:

Love 1.jpg
Love 2.jpg
Love 3.jpg
Love 4.jpg
Love 5.jpg
Love 6.jpg

We are going to show that the overwhelmingly male community of eRepublik can find the answer to this difficult question: “What is love?”. Of course, all women playing eRepublik are expected to tell us what love is to them as well. After all, this contest is also dedicated to the ladies.

Post your answers tomorrow (day 452 of the New World) in this topic of the Forum. The eRepublik officers will be the jury for this contest, and they can't wait to find the most beautiful definition of love. A special prize will be given to the winner.

Thanks to Bong for creating the images above.

Happy Valentine's Day, The eRepublik Team


The contest winners were announced at the end of the post: The winners are Ananias, Matthieu Bonne and Jon Malcom.


Love gives to the seeker beyond what is sought It is the uniquely external focus of thought It is the jubilant rhyme A touch of sublime The foundation of peace The sound of tears ceased Learning afresh that which cannot be taught

Love is the verb ever giving beyond the imaginable Within the quiet murmur of every heartbeat Love is...our brush with the divine

Be my eRepublik Valentine...

Matthieu Bonne:

Love is to the heart what art is to the mind, human beings going beyond physics.

Jon Malcom:

Title: Love Is
Love is the smell of a sweet rose in summer
Love is feeling excited when you dial her number
Love is driving in your car with no place to go
Love is there through the highs and the lows
Love is there when your both feeling good
Love is being there for her when she's mad and misunderstood
Love is what makes you best friends
Love is true til the very end
Love is there through pain and strife
Love is what will keep you together for the rest of your life
Love is walking together and holding her hand
Love is on the beach, playing in the sand
Love is being there for her when she's had a bad day
Love is being happy when things are going her way
Love is there when your mad and slamming doors
Love is there for rich, and for poor
Love is life with her, a very special blend
Love is there until the very end.
Love is all these things and more
Love is you my dear, the one I adore.