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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth 20th December 2007 - Day 30
Date of death 15th September 2012
Sex Male
Newspaper Koran Komik
Congress member of Indonesia
Minister of Economy of Indonesia
1 February 2008 – 28 February 2008
Succeeded by taxist
President of Indonesia
October 2009 – November 2009
Minister of Economy of Indonesia
1 May 2008 – 30 June 2008
Preceded by taxist
Succeeded by Nietzche_87
Party president of Indonesian Democratic Socialist
1 July 2008 – 31 July 2008
Preceded by Pradana
Succeeded by Wilz
Minister of Economy of Indonesia
1 October 2008 – 31 October 2008
Succeeded by semarangindah
Military unit Indonesia
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bong was a citizen of Indonesia. He was born on December 20, 2007 when Indonesian population was barely over 100. He is well known as Advocate of Socialism, humorist, and good friends for all.

Political Achievement

Eversince he was born in Indonesia, Bong has joined Indonesian Defensive Socialit party (later known as Indonesian Democratic Party), a party who struggled to introduce and implement socialist ways to the people of Indonesia.

Bong has been elected as Congress member on early days. His first term was in January 2008, and re-elected many other times on his career. Once at September 2009, he was elected as the Head of Congress, and together with his Secretary, sapasaia, trying to win back the heart of the people who was disappointed with the congress at that time.

During beta version of phase, he also served as Mayor on different regions.

He mostly served his nation as Minister of Economy, responsible in shaping the early mindset of Indonesia economic policies. His first term was on February 2008 when the current president, om_mudakir, asked him to join in the cabinet. During that period, he tried to implement the Tricle Down Economic, insisted on implementing the TBB-TBA (Floor and Ceiling Price Limit), giving tax cuts or other benefits to businesses in the belief that this will indirectly benefit the broad population. March 2008, he was the first Chief of Indonesia Food Association, urging the General Managers to unite in a solid association and become the most active association at that time. During this period, he introduced the TBB-TBA with VAT restitution. His reigm continued in May and June 2008, where he was elected again and again as the Minister of Economic. His policy managed to create a balanced economy during the early months of Indonesia when there were still few poeple doing business, but eventually the system broke when more and more people created company and flood the market with cheap goods. October 2008, the elected president, Bima, asked him to once again held the responsibility as the Minister of Economic. He introduced a more socialist based economic policies, but he didn't finished his term due to RL problems.

On July 2008, he was the Party president of Indonesian Defensive Socialist, and managed to formulate and declaring the party principles (sadly, the principles was gone during the transition phase from beta to v1). On the same period, he run for president of Indonesia, and came second place. February 2009, he was appointed by darkyojimbo as Vice President of Indonesia. His achievement during this term was nasionalizing Ond3L Hospital, which before was a partnership company of the government of Indonesia and the citizen Ond3L. This project had created many dispute, where some critics raised, accusing that Ond3L had enjoy an unfair benefit from the project.

On October 2009, once again he run for presidency, obtained the majority vote and became the President of Indonesia. Unfortunately, during his early period as president, a RL incident came along and he has to resign his position[1].

Social Achievement

As part of the Indonesia community, Bong socialize with other citizens, including citizens from abroad. He was known to be close with the high authorities. He was also known for his generosity to other people.

On March 2008, he donated large sum of IDR to the region of Medan to help the mayor to win a Q3 hospital, but unfortunately that hospital was won by Palu. Desember 2008, on his initiative, he donated 3000 AUS to the new Australia government, which at the time was in a financial crisis. His last known donation was to the people of Sumatra, where he donated a 12,000 IDR for Q5 Hospital to the region of Sumatra.

On August 2008, he propose dayne saraswati to become his wife, and recognized as the first marriage proposal in Indonesia. They got married on the next day, but divorced in October 2008 when dayne saraswati declared herself and Bong "is once again single".

Economic Achievement

Bong was known to be one of the wealthiest citizen in Indonesia. Known as the supplier of the cheapest food in Indonesia, a small sign of his socialism view.

He started his life as a regular employee at a Q1 food company, Starbucks, who was at that time owned by ursokind. On February 2008, urskind sold his Starbucks to Bong. Not long after he bought Starbucks, Bong announced that he will begin to cut salaries for the sake of the company finance. Many employees left. Few pledged their loyalties and agreed to let Bong cut their salary. Those few later enjoyed many great benefits of becoming an employee of the most generous General Manager of all time. On the end of February, he managed to bring Starbucks to become the most profitable company, upgraded it to Q2, and renamed it to Yummy!

His next step, after getting a financial support from Boeboe, was to create a weapon company named Gudang Senjata. After having this second company, he established the eIndonesiaGroup, a parent company which will he used to build his business emporium. March 2008, Bong bought the PT Rumahindo Citra Dunia owned by flik_kenni. But this 55 GOLD purchase was canceled by the request of flik_kenni. Bong tried to bid other companies like IndoRealty, Puskesmas, but all of them rejected to sell their company. Bong decided to create his own company, started from Home (Housing) and then Fly With Us (Moving). April 2008, ursokind heir his weapon company, Starbucks Hellsing to Bong. By the request of the Indonesian Government, Starbucks Hellsing join the bid on the "Government Q4 Weapon Supplier" procurement auction, and won the auction. On the same day, Yummy! was upgraded to Q4.

June 2008, Bong sold Home to KajmerGroup ITALY for 100 GOLD. At that time, he had gathered around 3,000 GOLD worth assets. August 2008, by the instruction of the current president, Pradana, using his own funding, he bought an Australian hospital company named MBF Health Care. The president never repaid Bong.

In the middle of August 2008, he resigned from eRepublik and heir all his wealth to his most loyal employees and friends, leaving him with empty pocket. Yummy! was heir to sakulla, Hellsing to Yuen.Inc, Full of Love to ncx300a1, Fly With Us to Kenzo, and MBF Health Center to Elle Dinar Andari. "Come with nothing, leave with nothing," he once said, leaving all his assets to his friends. Later, Bong back to the game, took over Yummy! and Hellsing, and slowly regained his economic empire.

October 2008, he girder support for the RM-DS project, a project to established a co-owned Raw Material of IDS GMs. This project was canceled.

November 2008, he bough First Aid, a Q2 gift company from nugelobudug. He also established a grain company named Whose Your Granny. He continued his expansion by buying Pertamina, an Oil Company from the Kurusetra Group. He then took over Hellsing Steel from Yuen.Inc. His expansion stopped after he bought Elite Shack, a Q3 house company from kancutrobek.

December 2008, due to more time for RL commitment, he released his company, one by one. Whose Your Grainy was sold to Ninja Lho. Pertamina was released to Scott Michael, an Australian, as part of support to the government of Australia.


Bong involved on many major fights defending the interest of his country and allies. Not much can be told about his military life, since he never showed real interest on military. He ended his career in BG Ulet.


  • March 2008, Writing Competition Award, from Minister of Social and Minister of Foreign Affair.
  • July 2008, Writing Competition Award, from Minister of Media
  • August 2008, Top #5 eIndonesian Idol Award, from Linker
  • December 2008, Gie Awards, from Lay Chin han on the Indo Awards

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Freedom Fighter (x23)
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