Biserica eRomana

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Biserica eRomână
Government of Romania
Biserica eRomana.png

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.jpg Muntenia
Founder OchiReci
Established Day 227
Newspaper Biserica eRomana
Part of Romania
Type Guvernamental organization
Services charity services, cultural campaigns
colours green
Parson OchiReci

Biserica eRomana (Eng. eRomanian Church) - is the first Romanian ONG, created to have the exact purpose in helping the community. It gets the money from donations made by people willing to help, money which are donated to people who need help. The help provided by the Church is from Health to money needed in buying a house. (In first 3 months Church offered more than 1500 gifts and several support for houses [around 10] and also supported several external projects from administration, culture and education). The idea was copied fast by eOrfelinat and after that, in time, by several other Organizations, but in other form [not like an ONG, but like a way to sell products]


 Astazi in ziua Domnului 227, punem piatra de temelie a primei biserici virtuale din eRomania. Credinta si Dumnezeu sunt peste tot, atat in realitate cat si in viata virtuala. Astazi facem doar primul pas spre normalitate si un pas in plus spre cultivarea poporului eroman. 


In the history of the Orthodox Church, there were only one Parson:

  1. OchiReci – Day 227 – present

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