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Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: Energy barFirst aid kitFoodHousePower packWeekly challengeWinter treatPumpkinCarrot
Spending energy: FightDeployGuerrilla fightsTrainWorkMoving ticket
Energy pool: HouseEnergy centerCentral park

Houses increase citizen's recoverable energy and citizen's energy pool. Like all products, it can be purchased on the marketplace.

Once a House is in a citizen's inventory it needs to be activated before the citizen gets the benefits from the House. A House that has been activated can not be sold on the marketplace.
A House can be deactivated and re-activated at any time.

Keep in mind that:

  • when activating a House, an activation fee will have to be paid. The fee is paid every time a house is activated.
  • when deactivating a House, its durability will be consumed in 1-hour increments. For example, deactivating a House after using it for 1 hour and 3 minutes will consume 2 hours of its durability.
  • Since Day 2,492 a citizen can have one house of each quality activated at any time.

Producing houses

Main articles: House raw material and Productivity
  • Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material is used to produce houses.
  • The only way to produce houses is by using work tickets generated by your employees. You can not work as a manager in your House factories or your House raw material companies.
  • If a citizen has two or more companies of the same quality, those companies will contribute to building only one House. For example, if you have 1 Q3 House factory you will only be able to apply the 3 work tickets per day to single a House, but if you have 2 Q3 House factories you will be able to apply 6 work tickets per day to a single house.

House qualities

The effectiveness of houses depends on their quality.

A house's quality level determines two characteristics: energy bonus and recoverable energy bonus:

  • Q1: +100 energy bonus, 2 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q2: +160 energy bonus, 2 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q3: +200 energy bonus, 2 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q4: +300 energy bonus, 2 recoverable energy bonus
  • Q5: +400 energy bonus, 2 recoverable energy bonus

Energy bonus determines how much energy points the house provides to the citizen and recoverable energy bonus is the amount of energy a citizen recovers every 6 minutes.

Houses also have durability, which determines how many days it may be reused before having to be disposed of, currently, it is 7 days, regardless of the house quality, plus the bonus for city size.

Since Day 2,492 citizens will receive 1 Overtime Point for each different quality active house per hour that it remains active. For example, if a citizen has 3 active houses (Q1, Q2, Q3) they will receive 3 Overtime Points per hour.

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