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Blue Holt

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth December 15, 2008
Date of death 2012
Sex Male
Congress member of USA
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Blue Holt was a citizen of the United States of America. He worked at Metabolic Protection Parts and was a former member of the United States Workers Party.

Personal Life

Having been born on December 15th, 2008, Blue Holt has been an active citizen of USA, California. Making some friends and staying as vocal as possible in both national and international affairs, via newspaper articles, he dreams of participating in many future endeavors that include military and business efforts, such as becoming an officer in the U.S. Army and owning a high quality grain company.


Blue Holt had been born into the last half of Benn Dover's final presidential term. Immediately seeing disgruntled Americans call each other out based on party affiliation of a scandal, involving the United States Worker Party (USWP) at the very core of the conflict, Blue Holt attempted to voice his opinions on keeping unity at home while war raged on the shores of France, due to ATLANTIS cooperation.

Remaining a grain of sand in the ocean of global turmoil, Blue Holt concentrated the first week of his life looking for a job. After two failed attempts, an opening was placed at "Trenton Iron", a Q2 Iron producer out of New Jersey. The City of Trenton Public Works gladly accepted his application with open arms. Blue Holt remained active, keeping a low profile despite enraged feelings over the current state of his fellow patriots.

Before turning three weeks old, Blue Holt joined the USWP as a regular member. Not wanting to become too involved without first learning more of the basics about party organization and function, he had taken an observational approach and frequently keeps updated with the forums. When the new Presidential elections of January 2009 came around, his original vote was to the Desertfalcon/Moishe campaign, a candidate who ran for the "eRepublikans For Change" party (See the Conservative Party).

Military Engagements

After two weeks of increasing his strength and working at Trenton Iron, Blue Holt began to seek a career as a cadet in the U.S. Army. Realizing that some prior experience as an independent fighter was necessary to become a new recruit, he participated in the battle of Pays-de-la-Loire with much eagerness. Later, after the conflicts with holding French territory had dropped off the ATLANTIS radar, the plight of Argentina soon called to him.

Fighting at the battles of Patagonia and Cuyo to protect Argentina, after U.S. MPP's had kicked in from the advance of Indonesia, Blue Holt continued to seek recruitment. A few days before the ending of his first month, the U.S. National Guard picked up an application by Blue Holt, enlisting him immediately into their training program, under the supervision of Lieutenant Tom Ato. A long-term goal of self interest, he continues to seek ways to help liberate and restore the now defunct government of China from the clutches of Iran.

1st Month

Well into his first month of life, Holt had begun to develop a sense of awareness with his surroundings, slowly leaving a disillusioned lifestyle that he had self-immersed into. Having witnessed war in Azores, Portugal, which had been deemed by many critics as being highly unnecessary, the Gold Crisis, and the exploitation of the U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Forums scandal, there was little hope in rebound among the general population. Holt had continued to two-click away, keeping his resolve of dedication firm and his spirits almost unrealistically optimistic.

As the state of panic began to dissolve, and order quickly returned, Holt had to find means of a new job, as his former employer of Trenton Public Works could no longer facilitate a proper income with an international "ceasefire" in effect. Almost immediately, Holt applied for a Q2 Grain company named "Grain Z", owned and operated by Organisacoes Z, located conveniently in California. Very shortly after, he completed training in the National Guard and was being transferred into the U.S. Army, and even achieved the rank of "Super Soldier" with an awarded medal. During the Presidential elections of February 2009, Holt voted for a third-party candidate, Alby of the Federalist Party. Though his decision was, once again, outside party-line voting, he concluded reasons that were entirely his own.

2nd Month

With having witnessed the continued offensive of Azores after a brief reconstruction of the New World, Blue Holt saw very little desire to remain active within the political scene. Deciding to leave the USWP, the pursuit of the media won his admiration, and published the first articles of the "First American Journal". During this time, while establishing and playing around with a few ideas using the term "V1 Babies", Holt coined his own term for the new generation as "First Americans", but to a less popular degree.

With Chinese territories having been retaken and occupied by fighters other than the former Chinese officials he had made a past commitment to, including to that of Modelcon, the final blow was struck against Holt's own personal interests in the fledgling nation, until the rightful heirs could establish their sections of China legitimately.


  • Blue Holt's name: "Holt" is the given, while "Blue" refers to the choice of color he projects as being an essential piece to his identity, rather than a surname.
  • Although being an avid reader and outspoken citizen about arguments within government, Blue Holt finds little interest in politics. His general belief, which is somewhat shallow, applies to all aspects of his life under a "Shoot first and ask questions later" policy.
  • Typically refers to other citizens, domestic and foreign, with a proper Westernized honorable (i.e. Mr., Ms., Sir, etc.). This is due to another belief in keeping respect an important factor in addressing friends and rivals alike, as to never "break the bonds of what makes us all brothers and sisters; humanity."
  • Advocates for higher taxation, but feels the need that representation is not up to par with standards for the common worker to be informed on a regular basis.
  • Typically showcases a variety of anime-style avatars with the color blue theme being dominate.
  • Is anti-IRC.
  • Is pro-Forum.


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