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Formation August 22, 2008
Dissolution May 21, 2009
Type Military alliance
Headquarters Cluj-Napoca, Romania

ATLANTIS (Atlantic Treaty of Latin, American, and Nordic Territories for International Security) was a military alliance consisting of 14 member nations. At the time, it was one of two active alliances in eRepublik and, of the two, had the larger military.


ATLANTIS was founded by former Northern Alliance (NA) members and included all former NA members except Ireland, two new members from the Pan American Alliance (PANAM 1) and two from the Mediterranean Alliance (MA). Only a couple of days old, the fresh alliance was thrust into a war due to the Romanian declaration of war on Hungary. This war was the biggest conflict in eRepublik history up to that point, as the world's main alliances, ATLANTIS and PEACE Global Community, confronted each other on the battlefield.


22nd August 2008

ATLANTIS Treaty is signed, officially forming the alliance.

28th August 2008

Romania declares war on Hungary, the conflict between ATLANTIS and PEACE GC is inevitable.

Paratroopers from Sweden, UK, Spain and Argentina come to Romania's aid, while all members of PEACE GC are aiding Hungary.

Day 1 - Romania conquers Eastern Slovakia.

29th August 2008

Day 2 / B1 - ATLANTIS generals decide not to attack Northern Great Plain and wait to mass more troops.

Day 2 / B2 - Romania Conquers Southern Great Plain.

Day 2 / B3 - ATLANTIS troops are taking a rest for the next day, Hungary secures Northern Hungary.

30th August 2008

Day 3 - ATLANTIS troops fail to conquer any regions due to the server lag.

Day 3 - Most important event is the Siege of Budapest, the biggest battle in history until that day.

1st September 2008

Day 4 - War paused by admins for server maintenance.

Day 4 - Astromaniac is named Supreme Commander of ATLANTIS during the conflict.

2nd September 2008

Day 5 - War is resumed with PEACE GC forces in the offensive.

Day 5 - ATLANTIS troops secure all regions without problems, at the end of each timer, there was a wall 300 ATLANTIS soldiers.

3rd September 2008

Day 6 - Romania is back in the offensive.

Day 6 / B1 - The second siege of Budapest ends with a clear victory for ATLANTIS.

Day 6 / B2/B3 - Romania conquers Northern Hungary and Northern Great Plain without heavy resistance.

Day 6 / B4 - The last PEACE GC line of defense barely manages to secure Southern Transdanubia with only 6 soldiers left.

Day 6 / B5/B6 - Central Transdanubia and Central Slovakia are easily conquered by Romanian and allied troops.

Day 6 - War is frozen by admins due to too many bugs.

4th January 2009

Croatia and Finland join ATLANTIS.

12th January 2009

Poland joins ATLANTIS.

15th January 2009

Argentina leaves ATLANTIS.

24th March 2009

Germany joins ATLANTIS.

29th April 2009

Bosnia and Herzegovina joins ATLANTIS.

17th May 2009

Sweden declares war on ATLANTIS's own member state Germany.

18th May 2009

Third Sweden-Germany War begins between ATLANTIS members Sweden and Germany.

21st May 2009

Sweden and Poland attack Germany and split the member nations, formally dissociating ATLANTIS. Hassan Pesaran declared ATLANTIS dead.


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Before its end, ATLANTIS consisted of 14 nations: (Note: All memberships below, whether active or otherwise, were correct before the dissolution of ATLANTIS. These remain in their pre-dissolution state as a historical point.)

Member countries (Dark Blue)


Last known Chain of Command:

-Supreme Commander-

-Secretary General-

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