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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active


British Infantry.png

General Information
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Colors Red and Green
Part of British Army

The Infantry was the British Army's infantry branch.


General Officer Commanding, Infantry
From To GOC Infantry
21st April 2010 N/A Insignia - British Armed Forces - Staff General.png General Kdoggroundtwo

The Rifles (Lemmings)

At one point, it's Lieutenant Colonel was xFiggy and his Major was Starbuck50000.

Battle Honours

Mercian Regiment (BERSERKERS)


The logo of the British Army

The Mercian Regiment was created, along with the rest of the army, as part of the military reforms that transferred the Royal Navy to the British Army, on 21 April 2010. EmeraldEye was not appointed Lieutenant Colonel until the next month, on 22 May, and she chose her Major, Dendodge, a few days later (27 May). Upon EmeraldEye's promotion on 10 July 2010, Dendodge took command of the regiment, receiving a promotion to lieutenant colonel.


Date Insignia - British Armed Forces - Lieutenant Colonel.png Lt Col Insignia - British Armed Forces - Major (Army).png Major
21 April 2010
22 May 2010 EmeraldEye
27 May 2010 Dendodge
10 July 2010 Dendodge


The Mercian Regiment's uniform depicts the logo against a Union Flag background.
The normal Infantry logo

The regiment's name comes from the ancient kingdom of Mercia, which now lies in the heart of modern England. Its nickname is a reference to the Berserkers of Norse legend, who are usually depicted as fierce and fearless warriors.

The regiment's logo was designed by Dendodge, with the approval of then Lt. Col. EmeraldEye, in May 2010. It depicts a Mercian two-headed eagle on the normal round badge shared by all UK military units.

 Stand Firm and Strike Hard 
(Mercian Regiment's motto)

Its motto is intended to highlight the unity and strength of the regiment.