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This shows up when you are not a member of any units.

Military units are groups of citizens who fight together. The unit consists of members, referred to as soldiers, where some of them are dedicated leaders. Military units can be national or private armies. Every unit is located within a country.

You can get to the military unit page by going Community --> My Military Unit.
Tip: You can access this page with SHIFT+M keyboard shortcut.

Military unit organization

Military units are highly organized groups.


Main article: Regiment

The regiment is a sub-group of a military unit. Each regiment can have a maximum of 50 members. Once a regiment reaches 30 members, a new regiment will be automatically created. Each regiment has its own captain who's in charge of keeping their lines organized.

Chain of command

In every military unit, there's a specific chain of command which involves commanders, second commanders, captains and other soldiers.


Main article: Commander (MU)

The unit commander is the head of the whole military unit. They are the most powerful soldier in a military unit. Commander can:

  • setup access policy to join the unit
  • edit unit details (name, motto, description, logo)
  • post orders to soldiers
  • start a military coup
  • invite people to the unit
  • kick members out of the military unit

Second commanders

Main article: 2nd Commander (MU)

Second commanders are deputies of the unit commander. Each unit can have a maximum of two second commanders, both of them appointed by the unit commander. These second commanders must be ranked at least Icon rank Commander.png Commander as well. Second commanders can kick members of the military unit who have been in the unit for more than two days, set the Daily Order for the whole unit and directly move members between the regiments.


Main article: Captain (MU)

Captains are leaders of the regiments. You can become a captain if you at least have a rank of Icon rank Captain.png Captain. Military unit Commander can appoint Captains, as long as the Regiment has 20 or more full members. Captains have the ability to remove members who've been in the unit for longer than 2 days from their regiments and set the daily orders for their regiment visible at the military unit profile.


There were two different types of members in military units: recruits and members. The only difference between recruit and member was that recruits couldn't complete the daily order. Every new member will be held as recruits until they complete recruit's orders. At some point recruit position was abolished and every new member in the unit has a status of a soldier.

Military unit economics

Military unit account.png
  • Any full member of a military unit who is at least at level 25 can donate currency to their military unit.
  • The currency gathered in a military unit account can only be spent on combat orders.
  • The military unit economics are accessible on the military unit page, under Military unit combat orders.

Soldier orders

Main articles: Daily order and Combat orders
Instructions on a daily basis (or from time to time) which each soldier must do to successfully resolve the daily order.

Every unit and every regiment in the unit can have its own personal daily order, decided by the military unit leadership.

There's only one possible daily order to set: Kill 25 enemies in a specific battle.

Once the daily order is completed, the soldier gets a prize.


  • Only one daily order can be completed in a single day.
  • Always check the orders before fighting to be sure it didn't change so that your kills don't go to waste!

On the other hand, combat orders are available on battlefields for any soldier fighting and the prizes can be one under certain conditions.

Creating a military unit

Creating a military unit

To create a military unit you need:

The military unit will be located in the citizenship country of the creator and it can never be moved, even if the country is conquered.

Joining a military unit

Military unit join.png

From Day 2,072, the unit commander got the possibility to set the requirement needed to enter a military unit.

Mu recruitment center.png

However, not every military unit has requirements to join; the ones that have them are said to have strict access, the ones that don't have them are said to have open access. Eventually, a military unit can even deny access to everyone that is not invited in it by Commander or Second Commanders, this is called invite only access.

Mu access policy.pngMu policy list.png

From day 2,072 the citizenship limit about joining military units is abolished too, so you don't have to be a citizen of a country from where the military unit is.

Military unit page

Overview of the military unit info page as a 2nd Commander of the unit.

Each military unit in-game has its own page, consisting of 8 parts:

  • Military unit info - a starting point for everyone; members are non-members
    • Motto of the unit
    • Number of members
    • Number of regiments
    • Day when it was funded
    • Chain of Command - avatar, name and position in the leadership
    • Members can see as well the list of all active daily orders and an option to resign; while non-members can send a message to the commander (in case of invite-only access), join button and military rank requirement (in case of strict access) or just join button (in case of open access)
  • Military unit members
  • Military unit combat orders (partially accessible only to commander)
  • Military unit combat orders history
    • A list of all Combat Orders that were set by the Military Unit in the past 3 months
  • Military unit daily orders (accessible only to leadership)
  • Military unit management details
    • Members here can read the military unit description
    • Unit Commander can here change the military unit name, motto, logo and description, as well as set up the recruitment policy.
  • Civil war (accessible only to commander)
    • Unit commander can start a military coup that can overthrow the current government and declare unit commander as a dictator over the country. Civil war can only be started in a country where the Military Unit is.
  • Invite players (accessible only to the leadership)
    • Leadership can choose two options, either to invite friends by their name or to invite any citizen by their citizen ID. They can also be invited in a certain regiment of the unit. Please note that citizens who are currently serving in the leadership of another unit CANNOT be invited. However, every other citizen serving as a regular member or not serving in a military unit can be invited.

Please note that the top of each military unit page will have a military unit country of origin; military unit name and decorations won by the military unit. On the bottom of each military unit page, there will be links to the 8 aforementioned parts.


  • Q: Is it possible to change the name of a military unit?
A: Yes it is. Commander can change it for a price of Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD
  • Q: Can the military unit location be changed?
A: No it can't. Once a military unit is created there's no way to move it to another country.
  • Q: What happens if I'm the Commander, and I'm the only soldier left in the military unit and also I leave the MU? Will I get some money?
A: If the military unit ran out of members, then it gets dissolved. In such a case, you get no money.
  • Q: Do I receive experience points when becoming a full member of a military unit?
A: Yes, you receive 5 XP each time you become a full member.
  • Q: For what Military Unit is the damage counted once a new week starts?
A: The damage will be counted for the Military Unit where you make the first kill after Day Change.


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