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C. M. Burns

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Nationality Flag-Italy.jpg Italian
Date of birth December 4, 2008
Date of death May 19, 2009
Residence Sardinia, Italy
Sex Male
Congress member of Pakistan
February 26, 2009 – March 16, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Charles Montgomery Burns (4 December 2008 - 19 May 2009) was a Icon-Switzerland.png Swiss entrepreneur, politician and war veteran.

On 19 May 2009 is Burns died, his son Larry Burns is the only known heir. His father Clifford Burns was trying desperately to appeal.


Before the Swiss Independence War, Burns worked in France for various construction companies. After the war, he founded in Switzerland, Burns SO and secured as owner in a short time high market shares in the agriculture industry.

On 18 March 2009 Burns founded and become Press director of the CMB News.


After the Swiss Independence War, Burns joined the Swiss Neutrality Party.

After a hostile political takeover of Switzerland by the terrorist organization Theocratic Pantheon, Burns travelled to Pakistan and was in the fight against the Theocrats elected to Congress (Operation Great Justice).

On 16 March 2009 Burns resigned from the Pakistani Congress.

Military Rank

  1. In the Pakistan-Indonesia War of 6 March 2009 Burns was in Sichuan promoted to Corporal.
  2. In the Pakistan-Iran War of 9 March 2009 Burns was in Ningxia promoted to Sergeant.
  3. In the Pakistan-Indonesia War of 12 March 2009 Burns was in Chhattisgarh promoted to Lieutenant.
  4. In the Germany-Austria War of 26 March 2009 Burns was in Tyrol promoted to Captain.
  5. In the Romania-Indonesia War of 8 April 2009 Burns was in Sichuan promoted to Colonel.