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Capitalist Alternative

Newspaper Capitalist Alternative.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Tyrsis
Founded September, 2008
Content Economics, Politics

The Capitalist Alternative was a small readership newspaper founded by Tyrsis in the United States of America. The newspaper discussed economic and political issues with a libertarian-capitalist worldview. Currently, Liberty and Prosperity has taken over the articles of the Capitalist Alternative.


The Capitalist Alternative was founded by Tyrsis in September, 2008, and began as a small readership publication intended to make social, economic and political commentary on the ills of socialist and communist thought, from a capitalist perspective. Its first article, Why are young people socialists? attracted some attention, establishing a small reader base sympathetic to the capitalist leanings of the newspaper.

The Capitalist Alternative further expanded its reader base when V1 saw the introduction of the minimum wage bill. It made a comprehensive coverage of the minimum wage proposals made in Congress, with a series of three articles which attempted to highlight the failures of a minimum wage proposal.

One of the final articles published under the Capitalist Alternative was A pet peeve about leftist rhetoric, which attempted to educate on the misunderstood economy. Tyrsis would then run for Congress, causing the newspaper's focus to change, resulting in the formation of Liberty and Prosperity.

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