Liberty and Prosperity

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Liberty and Prosperity

Newspaper Liberty and Prosperity.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Tyrsis
Founded September, 2008
Subscribers 79
Articles 19
Content Economics, Politics

Liberty and Prosperity is a small readership newspaper founded by Tyrsis in the United States of America. It was originally known as the Capitalist Alternative.

The newspaper discusses economic and political issues with a libertarian-capitalist worldview. Newspaper primarily covers the congressional press releases of Congress member Tyrsis of Louisiana, United States of America while occasionally publishing newspaper editorials.


Capitalist Alternative

The Capitalist Alternative was founded by Tyrsis in September, 2008, and began as a small readership publication intended to make social, economic and political commentary on the ills of socialist and communist thought, from a capitalist perspective.

In November, 2008, Tyrsis ran for Congress, which caused the newspaper's focus to change.

Liberty and Prosperity

When Tyrsis first published his Campaign for Congress in Louisiana under the Capitalist Alternative, he feared its name would isolate potential voters and supporters. Attempting to appeal to all Americans, he changed the newspaper's name to Liberty and Prosperity and changed the newspaper logo. All articles previously published under the Capitalist Alternative were revised to no longer mention the Capitalist Alternative, and instances of the old name were replaced by the newspaper's new name. Since the changes, Liberty and Prosperity has been primarily responsible for delivering the press releases of Congress member Tyrsis. The Congressional press releases have led to a slight expansion of the newspaper's reader base.

Tyrsis launched his Christmas Congressional Campaign for Louisiana under the Liberty and Prosperity, and was re-elected for a second term in Congress. This resulted in the continuation of the Congressional press releases.

On January 15, 2009, Liberty and Prosperity resumed its publication of editorials, similar in style to, but lengthier than the articles of the Capitalist Alternative. The newspaper opened applications for editors and editorial submissions from the public, and appointed Tyrsis as the chief editor of Liberty and Prosperity. On January 16, 2009, Liberty and Prosperity made a debut in the top 5 rated articles in the United States, with the popular article Why public spending does not stimulate the economy.

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