Central East Chaco

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Central East Chaco

Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Central East Chaco
Map of the region
Capital Pozo Colorado
Residents 134
Visitors 12
Language Spanish
Moving zone D2
Resources Icon - Saltpeter.png Icon - Aluminum.png
Icon - Oil.png Icon - Rubber.png

Last update: August 3, 2023

Central East Chaco is a region in Paraguay and its capital is Pozo Colorado.


Central East Chaco is neighbored by the following regions:


V1 V2 Nov 2010 – Feb 2015 Feb 2015 – Jun 2016 Jun 2016 – Oct 2020 Since Oct 2020
Icon - Wood.png Wood High.jpg
Icon - Grain.png Grain Medium.jpg
Icon - Stone.png Stone High.jpg
Icon - Grain.png Grain Medium.jpg
Icon - Deer.png Deer Icon - Iron.png Iron no resource Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter
Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum
Icon - Oil.png Oil
Icon - Rubber.png Rubber

Historical buildings

This region had a Q5 Hospital.