Coalition d'eFrance

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Coalition d'eFrance

Party-Coalition d'eFrance.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-France.png France
Abbreviation CeF
Founded 31 March 2014
Dissolved December 2014 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Fédération Républicaine
Succeeded By Des Illuminatis
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The coalition of eFrance (In French, Coalition d'eFrance), was a Icon-France.png French political party, abbreviated in CeF, results the fusion of two French parties: Patria Nova (PN) and Fédération Républicaine (FR). Originally based at an underforum which grouped together three French parties: the ULP, Patria Nova and Fédération Républicaine, the idea of a Coalition turned into fusion project quite fast. In December 2014, party was renamed to Des Illuminatis[1].

 Welcome to the eFrance coalition. It groups together the persons who want to invest in our country. Descended from fusion, the coalition share our projects to make a stronger eFrance 
(The party motto)

Coalition and fusion history

  • 25 of February 2014 : The underforum "Coalition d'eFrance" is created into Patria Nova's forum. The project is simple, all the members of the three parties have access to it to set up projects, etc and organize Congress elections. User-unfriendly, the underforum is criticized.
  • End of February : Negotiations begin on a possible fusion between the parties. The members of ULP declined the invitation (but some of them left the party).
  • 31 of March 2014 : The fusion is made between the two parties : (Patria Nova and the Fédération Républicaine).

Icon achievement Party President on.gif Presidents list

Year Month Winner
2014 March Vinegifa (already PP of the FR)
2014 April Noname27100
2014 May Noname27100
2014 May eMoria
2014 June Plutarch38
2014 July Nosto
2014 August Jehan de Ladernade
2014 September Vinegifa
2014 October Vinegifa
2014 November eMoria
2014 December Max le troll

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress Elections

Year Month Number of seats/Percent
2014 April 10 seats(27.78%)
2014 May 0 seats
2014 June 7 seats(25%)
2014 July 11 seats(26.46%)
2014 August 3 seats(26.35%)
2014 September 0 seats
2014 October 7 seats(26.74%)