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Cobra AoI
Comando Barisan Allies of Indonesia

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Fun is our primary objective, Solidarity is second, Damage is third!

General Information
Founded June 2010
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Region Maluku islands
Colors Red and White
Total Soldiers 114
Commanded by Rekayasa
Part of Allies of Indonesia
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Cobra AoI is a Battle Group (BG) privately owned by the Party Aoi Family, all independent funding, and follow its own order. It was founded in June 2010 as a Battle Group and on 10 March 2011 as a Military Unit. All Cobra Soldiers must follow orders and regulations Aoi style. Room Cobra is # Cobra AoI or so-called "nest".

Chat is a bit different from the other BG, there is no time to greet to the nest like in ABeRI or to salute the commander (even commanders are often kicked). There is nothing different between officers and members, other than the rank. AoI doesn't like formality, as it was created to HAVE FUN.

Since March 15, 2011, every person who wants to enter Cobra AoI will be given in advance of teaching about the military in eRepublik.

Cobra AoI will always be Ready to Protect and Fight For Indonesia!

Icon-art-of-warfare.gif The Requirements to Join With Cobra AoI Icon-art-of-warfare.gif

  • Important requirement: Members of AOI - it is not necessary for a member of AOI to be a member of Cobra AoI too, but a member of Cobra AoI MUST be a member of AoI!
  • Following mentoring before entering Battle Group
  • Min. level 9 (+3 days playing)
  • No Multiple Accounts
  • Always ready fight for Indonesia or Allies of Indonesia

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Commander List Icon-military-mic-home.gif

Name Term of Office Position
Mr_NN June 2010-March 2011 Commander/Supreme Commander
Youliant Zu March-April 2011 Commander/Supreme Commander
Pattimura Jr April-May 2011 Commander/Supreme Commander
Blink5atan May-June 2011 Commander/Supreme Commander
andevelez June-October 2012 Commander/Supreme Commander
aaogi October 2012-February 2013 Commander/Supreme Commander
Dead D Sound February 2013-2015 Commander/Supreme Commander
Pengemis Utara 2015-November 2019 Commander/Supreme Commander
Mr NN November 2019-October 2020 Commander/Supreme Commander
Rekayasa October 2020-Present Commander/Supreme Commander


Cobra AoI v2.png

Old Version | Click here for more colors

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New Version | Click here for more colors

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