Maluku islands

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Maluku islands
Kepulauan Maluku

Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Maluku islands
Map of the region
Capital Ambon
Residents 2308
Visitors 15
Language Indonesian
Moving zone C5
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Last update: June 15, 2023

Maluku islands is a region in Indonesia and its capital is Ambon.


Maluku islands became the setting of an important battle during the China-Indonesia War, where Indonesian forces finally managed to turn the tides of battle and defeat the Chinese force. Maluku islands shares many traits with the nearby Lesser Sunda Islands, including its geographic, demographic, and economic traits.


Islands that are part of Maluku islands

Maluku islands (also known as the Moluccas, Moluccan Islands, and the Spice Islands) is an archipelago and a region of Indonesia. The capital of Java is Ambon, located on an island of the same name. Maluku lies in the center part of Indonesia. Apart from it's connection with Mindanao, this region doesn't hold significant strategic value.

Maluku islands is neighbored by the following regions:


With a population of 349 as of June 12, 2011 (Day 1300), it was one of the least-populated regions of Indonesia, matched by Lesser Sunda Islands.


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The following lists the known Mayors of the region:

Term started date Mayor Party
21 December 2007 Ringo Noer J
21 January 2008 vzo
21 February 2008 aeonflux
21 March 2008 unknown
21 April 2008 unknown
21 May 2008 Vlavin Partai Rakyat Merdeka
21 June 2008 unknown
21 July 2008 revrae
21 August 2008 unknown
21 September 2008 m4dd09 Partai Rakyat Merdeka