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Nationality Flag-Poland.jpg Polish
Date of birth Jan 31, 2010
Date of death 2014
Residence America
Faith Dioism
Newspaper The Randomness Times
Congress member of USA
Apr11 – May11
June11 – July11
Sept11 – Oct11
Nov11 – Dec11
Dec11 – Jan12
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force*.png World Class Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

In the Beginning

The first avatar used by code0011

code0011 was born into the New World on day 803, January 31, 2010, in Florida, USA as an Icon-USA.png American citizen. His entry into the New World went largely unnoticed and it was in under a week that he went so inactive that he died.

Return to eRepublik

Skip forward almost a year and code0011 was back. He came back on the same day as Sleeve published his 'Food for Subs' article. Having just come back from the dead, code0011 needed far more food then was being offered for his sub, so he PMed Sleeve directly begging for food. Sleeve extended his generosity to provide 20 wellness which brought codes wellness up to 70. Knowing the importance of working with a high wellness code used some gold to buy wellness. Gold was not needed, as such, but code is an impatient person and with wages for his Economic Level not exceeding $10 USD and bread prices being at an all-time high, it would have taken at least a week to get to full wellness.

The Creation and Administration of Multiple Accounts

This is here because this wiki is a documentation of what I have done, and I did this. Please bear in mind that this happened in 2010 and is not something still in action. From the beginning of December to Christmas day, code0011 operated quite a few extra accounts. It was with these that he was able to get his Society Builder Medal. This ended when code0011 got cocky, and decided to make over seven accounts in under 20 minutes. This obviously flagged code0011 up as a cheater and so he was temporarily banned for Creating and Administrating Multiple Accounts. In total he gained over Icon-gold.gif 150 GOLD from these endeavours and it is what allowed code0011 to get to where he is today. In a recent statement he said the following:

I am not proud of what I did, though I doubt I would be where I am without it. I don't intend on doing it ever again.


First Employment

FirstLaw was the first long term employer code0011 had. He ran a tax evasion payment scheme with bonuses for long-term high wellness working, and it was here that code0011 came to grips with the vast realm of possibilities that existed before Plato started removing stuff.

Military Career

Seal Team 6

code0011's ST6 avatar, made by himself.
code0011 spent a brief stint in TST6 which would have been longer had he not been kicked out and banned from the forum for no apparent reason. Still to this day, there has been no explanation, however, some reasons code0011 has considered are that he was kicked out for his own good, being financially unstable at the time, or that they found him annoying on the forums as he replied to every single post regardless of who posted it.

Why He Was Banned

On day 1,437 at 15:37 eRep time Battle Kitten, formerly Josh Frost delved into the old ST6 forums to find out why code0011 was banned. After looking around a bit he found out. He had been banned for mentioning that he had been temp-banned for multiing. This brought clearance to the age old problem.

US Training Corps

The ribbon awarded to code0011
A few weeks after being kicked out of TST6, code0011 was back up and running with his record breaking completion of TC. He completed all the tests on the first day and was out and into the Army in only a few days. While in TC he achieved graduation with honours and a successful transition into the Army.

US Army

The avatar used while in the Army. Made by Darkskye
After his short stint in TC, code0011 joined the Army. In code0011s memoirs, published in an undisclosed location it was said that this period marked a decline for code0011. He spent, for the first time, gold to the tank to achieve a new rank, and didn't break the 80k damage mark, while wasting ~20 gold. For the Army, however, it couldn't have been better. They had someone who worked at 100 wellness every day and didn't claim supplies. How much better could it get?


After several months wasting his time in the Army, code0011 joined the AB. This marked a period of good going for code0011. The AB is not quite as easy to get into as the Army and so made code0011 feel good about himself, the supplies were better so he didn't have to try as hard to get himself tanks to fight and there were more people online to chat to. Also, the supplies were claimed over IRC, instead of through a random website that code0011 never really understood. It was not long before code0011 got promoted to PXO. He remained at this position for several weeks, before moving on in his military career to the Marines.

US Marine Corp

So, after a largely successful stint in the AB, code0011 applied and was accepted into the Marines. [borat accent] Great success![/borat]. And it is in the Marines that code0011 still remains. He got himself a new avatar (view at the top) and he kitted himself out with the newest Q6 tanks, ready to go kick some ONE ass.

Battle Hero Log

After the introduction of bazookas, it took code0011 a few days to realise their best use. He started saving them with the intent of using them all at the same time. Mid-way through his quest to get 20 unmade bazookas a new feature was brought in - the ability to store energy bars. code0011 continued to save both energy bars and bazookas for several weeks until, on the 1st of October, he finally found a fight to blow them in. It was a Resistance War in Low Andes. It was obvious which side was going to win and it was near the start, so code0011 made all his bazookas (22 by this time) and hit that battle hard. He had also managed to save up 8 energy bars and in the end, he used up everything. His final influence was 479k, the most done in the campaign so far. code0011 shut his laptop down and went to bed, feeling excited. Cue a load of dreams etc and 10 hours later was logging on, filled with anticipation. His efforts were rewarded, and he had won the BH. He then realised that it wasn't all that fun only having one, so he went and got a second. He thought to himself "Why to stop there?", and went on to get a third in Apulia. It was in this battle that code0011 went up against PedjaT, who dealt 1 mil damage compared to code0011's 700k. The battle was won, however. This made code0011 extremely happy. :)
After all of this, he had a brilliant idea (this was early November): he would save all his bazookas and energy bars until he had enough to lay down 1,000,000 influence in each battle of a campaign. This goal was going well, he had saved up ~40 energy bars, and 55 bazookas. His total damage was over 2,500,000. He was on target to reach his goal by early March. Then the worst possible thing happened. The admins unveiled their Christmas missions. There were some that would be easy to get, such as the eat 2012 food (that was finished before it was even released) and the train 11 times, but there were also some hard ones, which is where we get back to the main topic of this section of code's wiki page. He had to exceed his previous damage in a campaign. This could not be done without a bit of help from his growing energy bar stock but there was more: finish in the top five in three different battles. He decided that since he would have to tap into his stock of energy bars he might as well do it properly, and get three BHs out of it. Originally he planned to tank roughly 600k in 3 battles of the same campaign, but then things didn't go quite as planned. South Africa had a battle going that had a low highest damage (500k) so code0011 decided he would start tanking here. Things didn't go as planned. wingfield wasn't going to give up without a fight. The end result was that code0011 put down 1,500,000 in Mpumalanga. This was annoying as it set him back a considerable amount of damage. So much so that he had to put the rest into only one battle, which he gained a BH out of. Unperturbed he went on to get another BH in an American RW, and then came third in another battle to finish his mission.

Political Career

United States Workers Party

Since code0011 had been born into the New World, he had been in the USWP. After his resurrection from his long period of being dead, he became more active within the party. He joined the Zombie Horde and spent what he now considers nearly 4 months of wasted life sending messages to the party about things that most of the recipients didn't care about. He spent some time wanting to leave but not actually getting round to quitting. However, the Zombie Boss had recently left and when someone other than code0011 was picked, he decided he had had enough. He had been in the Zombie Horde since its recreation and had sent more messages than anyone else, juggling school work in his GCSE year with sending messages. And all for what? Someone else to get promoted? That wasn't on so he quit. Shortly after that, just before the congressional elections of April '11 Haliman sent him a PM over IRC asking him to join the AMP, a new top 5 party and run for Congress. This was the big break he was waiting for. The USWP had only let him run in a decent state once, and in that state, he had won. The other times he had been sent to run in an iNCi state and a lib state. He quit the USWP and joined the AMP.

American Military Party

After his increasingly depressing time in the USWP, the AMP provided a bright future. In his first election under their banner, he won in District of Columbia. Things were looking brighter. He was surrounded by fellow military members, he was free from mass messages and he didn't have people like Pfeiffer trolling his forum posts. A potential position arose as Deputy Wiki Editor. A position he both created and appointed himself to. He also created Wiki Editor, and appointed seeinvoices to the post, without notifying him. The position was later removed as it came under the job description of the Communications Director, who also managed public relations. code0011 wanted a party job, so he messaged the Communications Director, Israel Stevens asking to be one of his deputies. He was told that he already had several deputies. A month later, Israel Stevens PM'd code0011. He told him that he had an opening and wanted code to be his deputy. code0011 jumped at the chance. He was finally going somewhere in the party. He received Round Table Deputy masking on the forum and op on IRC.

Happy though he was with his recent promotion within the party he was restless. He was also incredibly stupid and arrogant and hurtful and mean etc. He left the AMP without telling anyone and joined the Feds. He then went on to tell Gnilraps that he was a Fed. He also mentioned that Gnilraps had always said that he was a Fed at heart and just didn't know it yet. Gnilraps immediately shouted that he would like to welcome code0011 and another who had also joined. His access was removed from the forum, access removed from IRC and to top that he didn't even get access on the Fed forum. He immediately repented and started messaging people on IRC, trying to get back into his position. After much work, he was re-accepted back into the same position. Not even a week after it happened he left again. This time to the American Kitteh Party. He told no-one but was still noticed. His access was removed and this time there would be no more going back as a Round Table Deputy. The best he could do was Party Member. He accepted this and bided his time.

Time past and Israel Stevens became PP. He PM'd code0011 and asked if he wanted to be Fun Czar. It was the big break that he'd been waiting for. He accepted, but at the same time felt a bit of doubt. Could Israel, the same person that he'd slapped in the face by leaving twice really be promoting him to Round Table? In the end, it turned out he really had got the job. His job as Fun Czar is not an incredibly hard one. He does very little work most of the time, but there have been things he's organised.

AMP Vs. Feds Trivia Night

On day 1432 at 14:50 eRep time the AMP Vs. Feds Trivia Night (AVFTN) began. He spent the late afternoon preparing #statcheck for the event, and at the start time pinged Cromstar and asked him to .call #FedPartyChat. At the same time code0011 .call'd #AMP to get competitors. The event started slowly with the game being 2 Vs. 2, however as the event went on more people joined both teams. The event lasted for an hour and started off with the AMP dominating in the first round. The second round was still an AMP victory, but not quite so clear. The Feds won the third round and went on to dominate the fourth and final round. The final result was the AMP - 38, and the Feds - 41. There was one unanswered question. Each round was out of 20 questions, and the scores were added up by code0011, and anyone else who wanted to verify them. It was the first in a line of inter-party events organised by code0011, the Fun Czar of the AMP.

U.S. Marijuana Party

Things turned sore in the AMP after code0011 was deleted off the IRC access list. For reasons that people still don't seem to understand code0011 got immensely angry about this, so he went forth a deleted everyone in the access list who was above him, then re-added them all effectively putting himself back up the list where he previously was. Israel Stevens then proceeded to delete him again. Cue anger and yelling and a standard ragequit code0011 left the AMP. He then promptly joined the American Kitteh Party and remained there until congressional elections, when he left and joined the USLP. It was while he was in the Libs, idling in the super secret rooms with all 5 of the active members that code0011 was invited to be a part of the new party that was to come out of the cluttered debris that was all that remained of the Libs. He started off strong in the party, taking control of the Munchies Program, which distributes food to any player. He was set to go places in the party until RL started getting annoyed at being rejected. Shortly before September code0011 became very busy with work, and rejoiced at any day in which he was able to work and fight.

Economic Career

Economic Levels

From the time of his re-entry into the New World, code0011 spent most of his time trying to get a higher economic level. This was a time when working with low wellness meant low productivity and work skill gain. His determination to achieve the highest wage (~$25) meant that he always worked at 100 wellness, every day. Through hard work and determination, he eventually managed to achieve an economic level of Guru**** which, when health buildings were introduced, meant he would get a +100 building. The best one possible. Ironically, by the time he achieved Guru** he went into a commune, and couldn't earn the good wage he'd always wanted. This problem was offset by his own, personal companies.

Epic Industries Inc.

With some spare gold code0011 had got through illegal methods he bought a food company. This company was then named Epic Burger. Epic Industries had been founded. Through hard work and hundreds of Mexican workers (it was the time that Josh Frost initiated an attack against Mexico (Operation Spring Break)) working at low wellness he finally assembled a team of ten workers who worked with boosters and high wellness every day.

Epic Burger

Epic Burger was the first of many companies to be owned by Epic Industries Inc. and was sold fairly quickly. It was bought for 16 gold off the company exchange and came complete with 5 workers, all of whom were dead. This company was later joined by many others, including '-Epic Grain-', 'Slightly Less Epic Grain', 'Epic Grain', 'Epic Grain^', 'Epic Food', '-Epic Iron-', 'Epic Weapons', 'Epic Grain*', and many others. There were also brief cameo appearances by a house company (Epic Houses) and a moving ticket company (Epic Buses). Both of these were quickly resold for a profit of Icon-gold.gif 3 GOLD each.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter off.gif
Freedom Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x28)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x5)
First awarded: Day 1253
Icon achievement Country President off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x6)
First awarded: Day 1412
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif
Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x2)
First awarded: Day 1492
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x59)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x10)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)

Avatars Used