Second USA-Mexico War

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Second USA-Mexico War
Date December, 2010 –
December 25, 2010
Location North America [1]
Flag-USA.png USA Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-USA.png Battle Kitten

The Second USA-Mexico War, referred to as Operation: Spring Break in the USA, was a war between the USA and Mexico in December of 2010. The war was the second time that the two countries had come into direct military conflict.

The war began in the early weeks of December of 2010, under US dictatorial-President Battle Kitten, and was completed on December 25, 2010. Mexico offered up little resistance to the invading USA, whose primary goal was to secure the Southeast of Mexico and its rich rubber producing capabilities. The only engagement that was unsuccessful on the first attempt was a brief resistance in Mexico's southern regions, though it too would be conquered shortly thereafter.

By the end of hostilities, the entire country of Mexico had been wiped off the map and fell under direct control of the United States.


The following months would see Mexico regaining independence through peaceful negotiations with the USA. The states of Southeast of Mexico (rubber) and Baja (saltpeter), would remain under US occupation for some weeks to follow. Southeast of Mexico would eventually gain it independence after a little less than a month, though Baja would remain in the possession of the United States well into 2011.

The irony of the war was that the USA voluntarily let go of possession of the country over the course of January and early February 2011, however, Poland would then begin its own war against Mexico, eventually seizing complete control of the country (with the exception of Baja), including the coveted rubber SE Mexico region. After this, the country served as a base of opperations against the USA in the following USA-Poland War, which would begin on March 25, 2011.

During this time Mexico, as a nation, would practically not exist, with its only territories being a brief reservation in the US state of Oklahoma, and sporadic appearances in the Polish-occupied regions of its former homeland.