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Dawn Studios is Belgium's first museum and art gallery. It was launched on Day 1,051 of the New World by Victoria Diets. The museum is opened 24/7 for the public here.


Dawn Studios 1.jpg
Dawn Studios kicked off with a dazzling retrospective on one of Belgium's most known painters, eMagritte. The exhibition showcased a fair selection of the most famous works of the master himself, as well as selected paraphranelia from the painter's life.

In a first reaction, gallery and museum owner Victoria Diets, said:

 I'm quite overwhelmed by the reactions so far. It is our hope and goal to broaden the perspective of our eLives and go beyond the politics and economics of our eSociety. Art and culture can be an important part of our eLives and help us involve citizens.
We opened with an exhibition on perhaps our most famous painter, eMagritte, but I can only hope to showcase art from other eCitizens in the future.


Due to the success of the earlier launch of Dawn Studios, Victoria Diets has announced the expansion of the art centre on Day 1,073 of the New World.

 Because I believe art and culture, in its' many forms, should not be kept from our citizens, Dawn Studios has now several galleries. 
Dawn Studios 2.jpg
 The Lobby welcomes guests into the loungy atmosphere of the art centre. The information desk offers a handy overview of the different rooms, allowing visitors to quickly make their choice of the day. An inviting digital screen welcomes all remarks and comments by our visitors. 
Dawn Studios 3.jpg
 Xhibition strives to be the platform for all modern art and artforms. For now it still hosts our opening exhibition on the famous Belgian painter Magritte, but soon other exhibitions will be hosted.
In cooperation with the ARC, we will try find eBelgian artists and offer them a chance to showcase their own work.
Dawn Studios 4.jpg
 The Screen is our main film theatre and will be screening many classics and artful films. 

During this Halloween-season, the classical film-noire horror movie Nosferatu (1922) was screened in its' full length and original sound.

 Do not miss this unique masterpiece which later turned out to be the start of a whole genre, it will only be screening for a short period. 

Visitors' opinion

Opening ceremony

 Nice to have finally met you at this opening night, it was just perfect...
I'm glad to join the list of the numeral donators of the Dawn Studios and i hope that our collaboration will last for long.
 This Museum needs some painting's of our Saviour Aldous the Meek 
 @Mike, I do not think Magritte was acquainted with Aldous. Perhaps another exhibit.
This is a very welcome addition to our cultural life, Victoria. Congratulations!

Nosferatu screening

 nice article again 
 Daaaaaaamn he's ugly! 
 /me likes this