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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 7152
Date of birth Day 916
Residence Karnataka
Sex Male
Political party Libertarian Party
Newspaper Adventures of a Citizen
Military unit United States National Guard
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman



On May 25th, Day 916 of the New World, Diamondback17 was born. Aptly following the welcome message from Harrison Richardson, Diamondback17 joined the eUSA forums. He then applied to a few organizations, and now serves as the Ambassador to Uruguay, and as a Private First Class in the Training Corps. He successfully graduated from the 124th Platoon, The Diablos, in less than six hours, and was always on the Top 50 Recruit list. He served amongst the 302nd Platoon, The Sentinels, under the commanding officer 2LT Hisroth and the executive officer MSG SergeMan. On Day 946, he was transferred to the National Guard, to serve on P1M2.

On Day 925, he reached the rank of Corporal. On Day 947, he reached the rank of Sergeant.

Military service

United States Training Corps

Serial Number: 124-2429

Dates of Service: 28 May, 2010 to 23 June 2010

Positions Held

  • Trainee, eUS Training Corps 124th Platoon, The Diablos: 28 May, 2010 to 1 June, 2010
  • Private, eUS Training Corps 302nd Platoon, The Sentinels: 1210 1 June, 2010 to 21:30 1 June, 2010
  • Private First Class, eUS Training Corps 302nd Platoon, The Sentinels: 21:30 1 June, 2010 to 9 June, 2010
  • Corporal, eUS Training Corps, 302nd Platoon, The Sentinels: 9, June 2010 to 23 June 2010

United States National Guard

Dates of Service: 23 June, 2010 to Present

Positions Held

  • Private, eUS National Guard Division 1, Platoon M2

Military Achievements

  • Training Corps Graduation Ribbon; Honors
  • Top 50 Recruits List

State Department


On the first day of his eRep life, Diamondback17 was contacted by Brent Abernathy about an ambassadorship position. He filled out a form, and was then later contacted by Jstott who gave him a position in the Americas department. He is yet to be accepted by the Uruguayan president as an ambassador.

Positions Held

Region: Americas

  • Ambassador to Uruguay; 26 May, 2010 to Present


Diamondback17's newspaper is titled Adventures of a Citizen, and is a first person narrative, narrating fictional events in his eLife. It is satirical fiction, based on real happenings.

Volume I

Act I

Scene I

In Scene I, PVT Diamondback goes about transfer from the 1st Division in the Training Corps to the 3rd Division, and deals with the grumpy LT Irashi, and his ever changing platoon, The Sentinels.