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Welcome Citizen!

This page is intended as a one-stop shop of all your learning and mentoring needs. It will list the eUK's mentors, and a summary of new player tips.

Remember there is a full tutorial on the eUK Portal, with a specific section on your first steps which you can find here.

Current eUK Mentors

The below table shows citizens who are actign as eUK mentors - do not hesistate to contact them if you need any help. They have all agreed to be mentors so they are expecting to be messaged!

Name Avatar Specialism Message Link

Betafoxtrot Citizen1936364.jpg Minister of Education and publisher of the new player guides and materials. Message Betafoxtrot
Mr Woldy Citizen1313810 v3.png Lead Mentor - particularly helpful for Media and Politics questions. Message Mr Woldy
Certacito Citizen3159 v2.png Large knowledge of party and Congress functions dating to the start of eRep. Message Certacito
Mr Immanuel Kant Citizen3883144 v4.png Runs Health giveaways and has wide experience with eRep. Message Mr Immanuel Kant
Rory Winterbourne II Citizen8312089.png Keen fighter - can assist with questions around fighting, efficiency, and Military Units Message Rory
Huey George Citizen1335787.jpg Long-time President, useful contact for questions on government and politics. Message Huey

In reality all of these mentors will be able to answer any question you ask them (or at least find someone who can) so don't be a stranger and get in touch if you need help.

The Ministry of Education

The eUK's Ministry of Education works to keep new player materials relevant and up to date. If you have any suggestions or comments, or have seen anything that seems out of date, please send it to Betafoxtrot so we can update it.

Keep an eye on the Ministry of Education Paper for guides, and it is well worth having a look through if you are new. Most materials published also feature in the eUK Tutorial which is a comprehensive guide to your early e-life!

Some quick-start guides to fighting, politics and business can be found below:

Our recommendation is that you work through the tutorial, which will direct you to the first Military Module Guide and Basics of owning a company linked in the list above.