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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Logo of eZemun
Owner EternalFlameOfFreedom
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Headquarters Sumadija
Founded 12.07.2009
Founder EternalFlameOfFreedom
Industry Manufacturing (last active)
Products Weapons
Colours Blue, Green

EZemunAvatar.jpg eZemun

eZemun was a Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian organization. Date of creation was 12.07.2009 (day 602 of the New World). Founder of this organization is EternalFlameOfFreedom.

The idea for the name of the organization was taken from town Zemun in Serbia.

In the beginning, it was intended that this organization will be publisher of newspapers "eZemun - Vesti" but after some time it was transferred to citizen account of EternalFlameOfFlame. For more information about that, see page Vecna Vatra Slobode.


  • Location: Ural, Russia Flag-Russia.jpg)
  • Companies: (see details below)
    • eZemun - Weapons (Sumadija, Serbia Flag-Serbia.jpg)
    • eZemun - DS (Vojvodina, Serbia Flag-Serbia.jpg)

Employee.gif Companies

This is the list of all companies owned by eZemun in the past.
EZemunWeapons.jpg 'eZemun - Weapons'

  • Location: Sumadija, Serbia Flag-Serbia.jpg
  • Industry: Weapons manufacturer
  • Founded: Day 630 of the New World (Bought from Market for Icon-gold.gif 18 GOLD)
  • Product quality: 1 Q1
  • Licenses: None

EZemunDS.jpg 'eZemun - DS'

  • Location: Vojvodina, Serbia Flag-Serbia.jpg
  • Industry: Defense system constructor
  • Founded: Day 659 of the New World (Bought from Market for Icon-gold.gif 14 GOLD)
  • Product quality: 1 Q1
  • Licenses: None

EZemunFood.jpg 'eZemun - Food'

EZemunTickets.jpg 'eZemun - Tickets'

EZemun-Iron.jpg 'eZemun - Iron'

  • Location: Ural, Russia Flag-Russia.jpg
  • Industry: Iron
  • Work time: between day 700 and day 733