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Weapons are used by citizens on the battlefield in the ground battles. Weapons can more than double the amount of damage made in the battles.

There are two main types of weapons: normal and special.

Normal weapons

Normal weapons are weapons that can be produced in weapon factories and sold/bought on marketplace.


Main article: Weapon raw material

Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material is used to produce weapons.
If the country owns a region that's connected to the capital with aluminum, iron, saltpeter, oil or rubber, every company in that country will get a certain production bonus depending on the type of the resource it has. Rubber provides 30% bonus, saltpeter 25%, oil 20%, aluminum 15% and iron 10%.
If the region does not have a commercial route with the capital, the production bonus is halved. If the country has two or more regions of the same resource, they won't add up (for example, having two rubbers still gives a 30% bonus, not 60%).

Weapon qualities

The effectiveness of weapons in combat depends on their quality. The higher quality weapons will most often perform much better than lower quality ones.

Q7 weapon

A weapon's quality level determines two characteristics: durability and firepower:

  • Q1: 1 Durability, 20% Firepower
  • Q2: 2 Durability, 40% Firepower
  • Q3: 3 Durability, 60% Firepower
  • Q4: 4 Durability, 80% Firepower
  • Q5: 5 Durability, 100% Firepower
  • Q6: 6 Durability, 120% Firepower
  • Q7: 10 Durability, 200% Firepower

A weapons durability determines how many times it may be reused before having to be disposed of. For example, a Q1 handgun can only be used once, while a single Q7 weapon can be used to attack ten times. On the other hand, a weapon's firepower determines how much damage it can inflict. On the battlefield this translates into how quickly an opponent can be taken down, and how much influence is added to one's side.

Special weapons

Main article: Special weapon

There are also several special weapons that can be used by soldiers in the ground battles that are acquired in a different way besides normal production in the weapon factories. Most common special weapons are as follow:

Icon - Bazooka.png Bazooka: 3 Durability, defeats any enemy with 1 hit, and does 10,000 damage per hit
Rocket missile.png Rockets (formerly GTG Missiles) have a damage that varies according to the level of the rocket factory:
  • 1 lvl: 50,000 damage
  • 2 lvl: 250,000 damage
  • 3 lvl: 500,000 damage
  • 4 lvl: 1,750,000 damage
  • 5 lvl: 2,500,000 damage
Big bomb.png Big bomb (formerly Nuclear bomb). Big bombs are 1 hit promo weapons, that could be used in battle to deal 5,000,000 instant damage.
Small bomb.png Small bomb (formerly ASM Missile). Small bombs are 1 hit promo weapons, whose damage varies according to the division you are in:
  • Div 1 : 75,000 damage
  • Div 2 : 375,000 damage
  • Div 3 : 750,000 damage
  • Div 4 : 1,500,000 damage

Please note: When advancing divisions, in order to use the bombs from the previous division, all of the new ones will need to be used first.

AIM-92 Stinger.png AIM-92 Stinger deals 1000 damage per hit while having a durability of three hits and eliminating a regular enemy with one hit. AIM-92 Stinger is the only special weapon that is used in the aircraft battles. Unlike most items, the AIM-92 Stinger's duration in the storage does not stack and the duration of each AIM-92 is tracked separately.

This weapon can be obtained only during promotional campaigns.

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