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Nationality Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech
National rank 357
Date of birth 9th February 2009
Residence Florida
Sex Male
Faith Djozikeism
Congress member of Norway
25th February 2009 – 25th March 2009
Congress member of Lithuania
25th March 2009 – 25th April 2009
President of Ukraine
5th May, 2009 – 5th June, 2009
Preceded by Imre Norbert
Succeeded by PetiB
President of Hungary
5th August 2009 – 20th August 2009
Preceded by Kampec
Succeeded by rlazol
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 4x Hard Worker

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 3x Congress Member

Icon achievement Country President on.gif 2x Country President

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 2x Battle Hero

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 4x Super Soldier


Born in 9th February 2010 - Day 447.; registering to the game during the first index-generation, mentored by Kampec in Indonesia at first.

Political career

He started out by reading about previous presidents, like his ideals, Adam Zahovay and Shaok, and he entered into the NRP, then the MHP following their footsteps, but then, very early in his career he took part in several PTO and ATO attempts and it defined his calling. He took an active part in the Norwegian PTO as congressman, and later in the Lithuanian ATO too. About this time he became organizer in the HUNTER sqadron that organized Hungary's TO-s. Later as Sturmwehr started the Secret Service, he became involved in this too. Later he took part in the Malaysian, the planned Chinese and other colonies' formation too, when eHungary was trying to get a high region. When these plans failed, and Hungary again turned towards Podolia for a high iron region, he became Ukraine's President, after Imre Norbert. By this time the native Ukrainians started to resist the Hungarian leadership, and it was fuelled by clever propaganda from Romania too - but still, he managed to work together with the American Ukrainians to build the country. As Ukrainian President he actively helped Hungary to gain the high regions of Urals and Caucasus, by region-swapping.

When he returned to Hungary, he became Minister of Foreign Affairs in Feherlofia Koppany's government, and took part in the first negotiations with UK, that later resulted in the memorable Helokitty operation. During the early part of summer he accepted no office, but regularly helped in diplomatic an secret service actions. He run for Presidency in Hungary in August with the support of MHP and CNRP, and won closely and surprisingly over the more likely candidate, rlazol. He was the first President who declared Djozikeism as state religion - a controversial move at best. The first part of his presidency was the end of the North-American campaign, and the start of the European theater of operations (the occupation of Switzerland). He and his government took these hurdles well, but his presidency will be forever remembered by the huge scandal that brought him impeachment.

Falban was the first Hungarian President from the index-generation. As he was less known in Hungarian politics, because his TO-work required no publicity, and he choose more experienced, therefore older people for his government, in the election campaign many people voiced their doubts about his ability to govern himself and not be a puppet of his government. During his presidency these voices strengthened, and he himself became less and less confident in his abilities. He asked to be impeached fairly early in his term, but it was done only when he finally got into heavy arguments with the Party President of MHP, bekesjarokelo. He started to be overasserting and hiding at the same time, until on night, probably in a fit of depression, he gave his password to another player, Prucsok, who impulsively started to spend the state treasury by buying up worthless (and useless) companies and some others without a permission; a move which was continued later by others with the selling of valuable state companies, donating money to and from, and creating a chaos in the state orgs and companies that were never really cleared ever since. He was impeached straight away, and he left Hungary to move to Malaysia, the Djozikeist colony, passing away from Hungarian politics.


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