Finland-Latvia War

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Finland-Latvia War
Map of Finland-Latvia War
Date 8 June 2009 - –
11 June 2009
Location Latvia
Territorial Changes Latgale & Zemgale under Finnish control, later both regions back to Latvia
Fights 32164
Flag-Finland.jpg Finland Flag-Latvia.jpg Latvia
Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Flag-China.jpg China
Flag-UK.jpg UK
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Battles Fought 3 (Finland 2 vs Latvia 1)
Fights 13464 Finland vs 1769 Latvia, 13804 Estonia, 617 China & 2510 United Kingdom
Total Fights 32164

Finland-Latvia War

Finland had over some time been threatened with a political take-over from PEACE, due to them holding on to two Russian regions. Due to this threat, Finland decided to release these two regions, thereby giving away their only High Grain region. They needed a new one, and targeted Zemgale. To get to Zemgale they had to go through Latgale.

Latvia was supported by Estonia during the first battle for Latgale, and was supported by Estonia, China and the United Kingdom in the battle for Zemgale. In the second battle for Zemgale, Latvia had an active Mutual Protection Pact with Estonia, but was heavily assisted by PEACE. They attacked with massive force just before the day change and gained an advantage over defending troops. Before Zemgale II, the Finnish government had launched a resistance war in Latgale. After Zemgale II Finland and Latvia no longer shared mutual borders.

Battle for Latgale

  • Link - Latgale
  • Outcome - Region conquered by Finland
  • Date Begun - 8th of June 2009
  • Date Ended - 9th of June 2009
  • Hero For Latvia - F4llen4ngel (+12683)
  • Hero For Finland - st00r (-7865)

Battle for Zemgale

  • Link - Zemgale
  • Outcome - Region conquered by Finland
  • Date Begun - 10th of June 2009
  • Date Ended - 11th of June 2009
  • Hero For Latvia - wowox (+7180)
  • Hero For Finland - ratrak (-5707)

Battle for Zemgale II

  • Link - Zemgale II
  • Outcome - Region conquered by Latvia
  • Date Begun - 12th of July 2009
  • Date Ended - 13th of July 2009
  • Hero For Latvia - Ond3L (-13484)
  • Hero For Finland - Durruti (+15235)

After the battles

After Finland had lost both Latgale and Zemgale, relations between the two nations were obviously tense. No real attempts to make peace were made by either government and the war remained open. Because the countries basically didn't have diplomatic contact during this time, the hatred between the nations continued. On October 2009 Latvia had its revenge, when Russia and Latvia simultaneously attacked Finland in order to drain damage from other battles fought in Croatia. This was made possible because the President of Estonia had swapped two of their regions so that Latvia would gain a border with Finland. As Finland decided to defend Croatia, Latvia gained control of Southern Finland, destroying the Q4 hospital there. After Croatia was secured, Finland conquered its original regions back from Russia and Latvia. In addition to draining damage, Latvia also declared it had now had its revenge for what had happened earlier that year.

There were similar attacks again in November 2009, with similar results.