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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth August 5, 2010
Date of death 2011
Residence Mayo
Sex Male
Newspaper The Irish Record
Party president of The Irish Freedom Party
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**

Fr0Fr0 was born on day 989 of the New World. He has managed to work 30 days in a row on two occasions which have yielded two hard worker medals. In his lifetime he has also been elected to congress as well as becoming the Party president of The Irish Freedom Party. Fr0Fr0 was also one of the lead creative minds behind The Epic News and a corporate owner of The Epic Org in partnership with Meleculus.

Political History

Fr0Fr0 has developed into an active political figure. In his relatively short time alive, he has been elected to congress once, and become elected Party president on two occasions. In October 2010 Fr0Fr0 was elected Party President of Irish Freedom Party by a vote of 10 (71.43%) to 4 (28.47%) versus Dylanb9216.

On October 17, 2010, Fr0Fr0 chose to rename his party The EPIC Party, in concert with his companies, media outlets, and logo of the same mind. At the time of his election, the Irish Freedom Party had 26 members. Throughout Fr0Fr0's Party Presidency, that number would reach levels fluctuating between 29 and 30 at the highest (peaking in the middle of the term as well as just before elections).

In the next election for Party president, Fr0Fr0 would run again. With his party at an all-time high member population, he would win the position for the second consecutive time with 7 votes (87.50%). Following his re-election, Fr0Fr0 decided to revert the party to its former name calling it The Irish Freedom Party (adding "the" to make the name grammatically correct and easier to use). A new party logo was produced and in the process, a history dating back to December of 2007 was reignited with increased vigour and clarity.


Fr0Fr0 is the author of The Irish Record [1]. This is a publication featuring many announcements, anecdotes, and political or social views. Fr0Fr0 was also one of the minds behind The EPIC News, a flash newspaper that allowed readers to view articles interactively. The first issue of The EPIC News was released on October 16, 2010, and featured articles on the UK's recent attacks on Dublin, as well as a "Nooby's Guide to War".

Fr0Fr0's news source: The Irish Record.

Business World


The EPIC Org was an organization created by Fr0Fr0 and Meleculus. The organization is designed to help players prosper and learn to effectively manage their Lives. The logo (seen in the featured screenshot) is a design by Fr0Fr0 himself.

The EPIC News is the official newspaper of this organization, and is the same newspaper which is praised for being done entirely in flash. Along with its own newspaper, The EPIC Org was the general management body for The EPIC Food (food company), a profitable enterprise which generally operates at full employment (as of November 16, 2010, it had 10/10 employees).