Friday 13th NEWS

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Friday 13th NEWS

General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Language English, Bulgarian
Founded Day 1,400
Subscribers 1827
Articles 1747
Content cats, game mechanics explanation, interviews, politics

🐱 Good morning 🐱 Добро утро 🐱

NO CARRIER's newspaper was internationally famous for his posts on a morning basis about cats. The structure of the articles was very simple. He just writes Good morning! and in the next line he just translate it into Bulgaria Добро утро! (Dobro utro). The two greetings are followed up by a random number of cat pictures.

Not enough cat pictures on the internet

After a while it was hard for NO CARRIER to continue his every morning posts because of not enough cats on the internet. He then started to post other animals as well.

A typical NO CARRIER shout

Chain shouts

It is not only the articles that NO CARRIER posts, he posts chain-shouts that encourage his friends to check out his new article too. Another characteristic of the shout was the link to the article being shredded by tinyurl. In the time being around the period between Day 2,950 and Day 3,050 there was a known issue where eRepublik blocked links.

External posts

Some say that NO CARRIER posts at forums cats as well. The doctors haven't defined this type of fetishism yet as it is a strange combination of positive feelings towards cats and the need to post them on the internet like a cyber-exhibitionist but in a virtual kind of way.