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Coat-Bulgaria.gif Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Coat-Bulgaria.gif
Flag of Bulgaria   Coat of Arms of Bulgaria

On the map

General rank 14
Country power 1143
Anthem Mila Rodino
Motto Unity makes strength
Capital Varna
Alliance Asteria
Language Bulgarian
Population 1,150
Average level 145
President Romper 7
Party CareBears Party
Political titles
vCP Emrace
MoD Angry Shrimp
Governor The Nutcracker
Currency Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
Minimum salary 0.10 BGN
Average salary 1464.03 BGN
Food bonus 67.5%
Weapon bonus 45%
House bonus 25%
Aircraft bonus No bonus
Territories 26
Website ebulgaria.biz
IRC eRepublik Bulgaria

Map of Bulgaria

Last update 19 April 2020

Bulgaria (България in Bulgarian) is a country in Europe. It was added on November 20, 2007 as one of the original countries of the New World. It borders Icon-Serbia.png Serbia and Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to the west, Icon-Romania.png Romania to the north, Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine to the north-east, and Icon-Greece.png Greece and Icon-Turkey.png Turkey to the south.

Icon allcountries.gif Geography

Icon-Bulgaria.png Regions

The original territory of Bulgaria is composed of several regions: Burgas (occupied by Icon-Indonesia.png), Plovdiv (occupied by Icon-Cuba.png), RuseSofiaVarna, and Vidin (occupied by Icon-Colombia.png).

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Varna Icon-capital.gif Icon-Bulgaria.png Icon - Grain.png Grain Region-Varna.png
Ruse Icon-Bulgaria.png Icon - Limestone.png Limestone Region-Ruse.png
Sofia Icon-Bulgaria.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Sofia.png
Sudovia Icon-Lithuania.png Icon - Grain.png Grain Region-Sudovia.png
Vidzeme Icon-Latvia.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Vidzeme.png


Icon taxes.gif Tax rates

Bulgaria has turned to a tax system that is both light and acceptable for business.

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 1 % 5 % 1 %
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 1 % 1 % 1 %
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 1 % 1 % 1 %
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1 % 1 % -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1 % 1 % -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 1 % 5 % -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1 % 1 % -

Last update: April 19, 2020

Icon skill land.gif Resources

     Resource       Regions
Icon - Grain.png Grain Moldova
Icon - Deer.png Deer Not available
Icon - Fish.png Fish Vidin
Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Plovdiv
Icon - Fruits.png Fruits Ruse
Icon - Iron.png Iron Sofia
Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Varna
Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Moldova
Icon - Oil.png Oil Moldova
Icon - Rubber.png Rubber Not available
Icon - Sand.png Sand Vidin
Icon - Clay.png Clay Not available
Icon - Wood.png Wood Not available
Icon - Limestone.png Limestone Not available
Icon - Granite.png Granite Not available
Icon - Neodymium.png Neodymium Not available
Icon - Magnesium.png Magnesium Not available
Icon - Cobalt.png Cobalt Not available
Icon - Titanium.png Titanium Not available
Icon - Wolfram.png Wolfram Not available

Last update: January 21, 2019

Trading-embargo.gif Trading Embargoes

Bulgaria has a trading embargo with the following countries:

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

Icon wage.gif Minimum Wage

The Minimum wage in Bulgaria is 0.10 BGN.

Last update: April 19, 2020

Icon position party member.gif Politics


Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

Main article: Congress of Bulgaria

Icon position country president.gif Presidents

For further information, check the Archive of Bulgarian Presidents.

# President Start End Party Logo
1 NO CARRIER 6 Nov 2015 5 Dec 2015 GnB Party-Glasut na Bulgaria.jpg
2 MattrimCauthon 6 Dec 2015 5 Jan 2016 BDP Party-Bulgarian Democratic Party.jpg
3 Morrpheus 6 Jan 2016 5 Feb 2016 Carebears Carebears.jpg
4 Old 7 6 Feb 2016 5 March 2016 Carebears Carebears.jpg
5 dzynka 6 March 2016 5 April 2016 Nova Bulgaria Party-Nova Bulgaria.png

Icon position party president.gif Political parties

Icon military.png Military

Icon political accept default.png Alliances

Bulgaria is a member of Asteria.

Last update: April 19, 2020

Icon-war.png Current wars

Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria currently is fighting in several conflicts.

Icon peace.png Past conflicts

(Last update: 06 Jan 2015)

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Bulgaria has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following countries:

  • Icon-Japan.png Japan, expires Jul 09, 2021

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Society

Top citizens

This is the list of top 5 Bulgarian citizens by number of experience points.

Top Citizen EP Citizen Military rank
1. 8,375,412 Morrpheus Icon rank Legends.png Legends of Bulgaria: Morrpheus Battalion XX
2. 5,992,604 xXx Valefar xXx Icon rank Legends.png Legends of Bulgaria: Morrpheus Battalion XX
3. 5,987,224 Custo89 Icon rank Legends.png Legends of Bulgaria: Morrpheus Battalion XX
4. 5,967,167 1UP. Icon rank Legends.png Legends of Bulgaria: Morrpheus Battalion VI
5. 5,878,177 Old 7 Icon rank Legends.png Legends of Bulgaria: Morrpheus Battalion XX

Last update: May 1st, 2019


Bulgaria was a proud member of PEACE.

In December of 2009, Bulgaria officially entered the Phoenix Alliance, since it was being invaded by Romania, despite the fact that Bulgaria was a founding member of PEACE.

On 30th November 2010 eBulgaria declared neutrality and left the Phoenix alliance.

On 21st January 2011 Bulgaria joined EDEN and left it on 20th March 2012.

On 22nd June 2012 Bulgaria became a co-founder of CoT.