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General Information
Founded 23 January 2009
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Region Little Poland
Total Soldiers 2895
Commanded by Kherehabath

GROM is a military unit of Poland.

From the beginning, it was a fully professional formation. In the Armed Forces, this has ensured the highest possible degree of training and preparation for different tasks in the country and beyond its borders. It was led with success by its commander of GROM wujek.

This is the first Polish unit, which has been organized by the best Romanian and Spanish models. This formation is prepared to conduct comprehensive special operations, direct actions and antiterrorist missions in conditions of peace, crisis and war.

In the past, GROM worked with countries that are ONE or friendly to ONE.


Founder with tank Q5

BuzzY was chosen as the first commander of the newly formed unit. As an officer specializing in reconnaissance, sabotage, and diversion, he seemed perfectly suited to oversee the unit's initial formation. He gathered around himself a group of like-minded and professional officers and set about choosing soldiers that would be fit for special operations. Due to the high risks involved in special service, it was decided that all men should be professional soldiers. The first batch of recruits all came from a variety of already-existing special units with the Polish armed forces.


The training of GROM soldiers includes a variety of disciplines. All of them undergo the same specialized training in anti-terrorism and special operations, as well as scuba diving, sniping, and parachuting. In four-man teams, each soldier must be prepared to assume the respective responsibilities of his colleagues, should it become necessary.

GROM has its basic Spec. Ops training provided by the Minister of Defense of Romania for Tactical Operations based in Podolia. Approximately 75% of GROM personnel are trained as medics or paramedics. In addition, each group is supported by several professional physicians. It is also assumed that all GROM operatives are proficient in at least two foreign languages.

Unlike special-purpose units subordinate to the police, GROM operatives are trained primarily in the elimination of terrorists rather than capture.

GROM soldiers gain experience through participation in missions and training with the best special units in the world.

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Recruitment to GROM units is carried out cyclically. To join this military unit you need an invite from the Commander.

Due to special requirements imposed on soldiers, after meticulous selection, only the best candidates are admitted to the military service. Basic requirements include impeccable health, psycho-physical resistance and very good physical condition. Additional advantages are knowledge of foreign languages, specialist courses (e.g. parachuting), education.

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