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This article is about a region of Spain. For the Ukrainian region, see Galicia and Lodomeria.


Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Galicia
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Capital Santiago de Compostela
Residents 117
Visitors 58
Language Galician, Spanish
Moving zone B3
Resource None

Last update: March 4, 2021

Flag of the region

Galicia is a region in United Arab Emirates and its capital is Santiago de Compostela. Its original owner is Spain.

The official and own language of Galicia is Galician/galego, although Spanish is a co-official language.


Galicia is neighbored by the following regions:

In the past, the region used to share border with Icon-USA.png USA, Florida as well.


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The following table lists the mayors of Galiza/Santiago de Compostela in chronological order.

Date term began Mayor Party
21 December 2007 ninguen Unión Popular Liberal
21 January 2008 Ryuk Izquierda Democratica Española)
21 February 2008 Ryuk Izquierda Democratica Española
21 March 2008 Allyenna Izquierda Democratica Española
21 April 2008 Allyenna Izquierda Democratica Española
21 May 2008 Vircoph Izquierda Democratica Española
21 June 2008 Vircoph Izquierda Democratica Española
21 July 2008 Terkay Partido Media Vida
21 August 2008 drakomalfoy Partido Media Vida
21 September 2008 Terkay Partido Media Vida