Gryphon Power Soldiers

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Gryphon Power Soldiers

Gryphon Power Soldiers.png

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Region Muntenia
Total Soldiers 39
Commanded by evilgod
2nd Lucia38
Commanders zagado26

Gryphons Power Soldiers is a military unit formed in the early days of the New World.

A military faction created in Icon-Romania.png Romania. The GPS unit was created by the members of the ZEN Party. After some unfortunate events they decided to declare apolitical and establish a military unit. They have no political link with Zen and any other party.

The GPS name was initially left from a joke (Fatty's with the hair on their back) and was our unofficial name from the beginning. But they realized that they would not be taken seriously so the name was changed.

Gryphon Power Soldiers banner.jpg

HQ overview

The unit consists of several positions in the HQ that can be held by several people.

  • Supreme Commander
  • Human Resources Commander
  • Military Commander
  • Economic Commander
  • Chat administrator


These are some of the members of the unit, sorted from the highest position that they hold in the unit:

  • evilgod - former Economic Commander; currently Supreme Commander
  • blackpanther76 - former Commander of the unit; speciality Human Resources
  • Contele Draqula - former Human Resources Commander; currently member
  • zagado26 - former Human Resources Commander; currently 2nd Commander
  • Osama Bri Gadier - former Military Commander
  • MermaidPrincess - former HQ of the unit; speciality Military Commander
  • 5thReich - former Economic Commander; currently member
  • Rock3rRullz - member of the unit; fought for 1 year for GPS (2010-2011) then rejoined back in 2015