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This is the list of military units which fight or fought for Romania.

Former Military Units

Army Name Logo Established Founder(s) Organization Newspaper
Fortele Navale Romane
Romanian Naval Forces
Fortele Navale Romane.jpg 18th of November 2008 dani36 Fortele Navale Romane Comunicat de Presa
Romanian Tanks Fund Romanian Tanks Fund.jpg January 2009 MoonlightShadow RTF Division RTF Division
The Group
The Group
The Group.jpg 2009 Kristache, Grinch85, alex201 The Group Not Available
Black Cat Commando Black Cat Commando Avatar.jpg 2009 oarecare Black Cat Commando BCC Report
Armata Independenta Romana
Romanian Independent Army
Armata Independenta Romana.jpg Not Available nea bachus, Omae Bazooka Armata Independenta Romana Turnul de control
Infanteria Romana
Romanian Infantery
Infanteria Romana.jpg 19th of January 2010 dani36 Infanteria Romana Infanteria Romana
Lupii Negri
Black Wolfs
Lupii Negr1.jpg 1 June 2011 Sebastian Domsa Lupii Negri Informatia Saptamanii]
Fortele Militare Romane
Romanian Military Forces
Fortele Militare Romane.jpg 2011 eadrik Fortele Militare Romane N/A
Zbang Army Zbang Army.jpg N/A Pafuin Zbang Army N/A
Iron Cross Iron Cross.jpg N/A adrian11, crom-vanadiu Zbang Army N/A