Guardian Angels

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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels.png

"Guardian Angels - Watching over YOU!"

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Colors blue, grey
Total Soldiers 51
Commanded by Vladan87
Part of Serbian Special Forces

About Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels was founded by military veterans who, based on their war and logistics experience decided to form a military unit that'll be highly mobile, strong, with compact soldiers prepared to help each other, and above all, a unit that'll belong to all it's soldiers, not just one man.

Guardian Angels fights for Serbia and Phoenix alliance. Thanks to members efforts, they developed into one of the strongest military (paramilitary to be exacts) units of Serbia, with solid economy.

The fact that gives them extra boost are inner relations, the friendship among Guardian Angels.

How to become a Guardian Angel?

We ask all of our potential members to read our Code of Conduct and if they comply with it, to fill out the FORM.

Submitted applications will be reviewed in a timely fashion and applicants contacted.

Shortly after an applicant fills out our form, a thread is started in our GA forum so that members can share information they have on applicants (good and bad). This process takes 24h. Afterwards, members vote based on information, which lasts for another 24h. After that period (48 hours) applicant will be informed weather he/she is accepted or not.

Code of Conduct

• Activity

• Avatar

Members of Guardian Angels must, at all times, wear the units avatar. Alterations of avatar are not allowed.

• Chat and forum guidelines

• Behaviour in public

• Helping the weaker Guardian Angels

• Honor

• Guardian Angels companies

• Moving

• Military organization

• Politics

• Absence

Merging with SSF

In the beginning of 2014, SSF units (Front of Heroes, Guardian Angels and White Eagles) entered Vukovi ingame unit, so the whole formation is now ingame in one unit. They have since won first place at national weekly leaderboards each week. This is only ingame, every unit kept its avatars and separate IRC channels.