Hellenic Progress Coalition

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Hellenic Popular Coalition

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General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation HPC
Colors Yellow, blue, white
Founded June 2009
Dissolved 4 October 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Greek Independence Party
Succeeded By Greek Independence Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Hellenic Progress Coalition was a political party in Greece. It had 151 members at the time of migration back into the Greek Independence Party.


The HPC was originally created under the name of Greek Independence Party as an opposition to those under the Ethniko Enotiko Kinima. For a long while, the party had no substantial ideology except that it was the opposition. With the election of Anthonios, a well known political radical and congressman as the Party President, a solid base was formed and the party was renamed the Hellenic Progress Coalition.


The HPC values were:

  • transparent government to inform the populace
  • organization and coordination in the government
  • a tolerant government that accepts people of all countries
  • anti-elitism
  • bilingual government articles
  • the incorporation of eGreeks that aren't RL Greeks into the country


Since August 2009 HPC has seen a decline; at the Congress elections it achieved only 1 seat in Congress.

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Avatar President Term
Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg Anthonios 2009/06 - 2009/07/16
Myrmidons.jpg Selena M Gomez (*) 2009/07/16 - 2009/08/08
Citizen1244872.jpg Constantinos 2009/08/08 - 2009/09/16
Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg Anthonios 2009/09/16 - 2009/10/04

* An alias of Jim Arr, accused of facilitating an EEK takeover of the HPC


  • The HPC was often viewed as a stronghold for non-Greeks that want to be eGreeks
  • The HPC was the only party in Greece that has released a party doctrine
  • The HPC was the fifth largest party in Greece
  • The HPC was known for helping and support new players