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Starting with the Congress elections of September 25, 2012, the citizens will vote for a Party instead of voting a citizen from a specific party.

Changes in the political module

  • The members of the party will candidate with the same rules as now to the congress elections, but they will participate in the elections on the party list.
  • The party president will now see all the possible candidates in a single list for the all the country's regions.
  • The parties that are in top 5 on every 25th of the month at 00:00 will be the ones able to have Congress candidates.
  • The number of congress seats is locked on 23rd 02:00 based on the region ownership at the time.
  • If a country loses or gains regions between 23rd 02:00 and 27th 00:00, the number of congress seats will not be modified.
  • A country will have a congress if they have at least a region on every month on 23rd 02:00 and 25th 00:00 and 27th 00:00
  • The Number of Congress members is calculated based on this table located here: Division of congress members
  • The party president will choose the candidates on 24th of the month in the following manner:
  • Every party can propose a maximum number of candidates equal to the maximum number of Congress seats in that country.
  • Set up a national list (instead of a regional one) with all the candidates in the exact order the party president wants them in the Congress. This is very important because the chance to join the Congress is higher for the ones in the top of the list.
  • If the party president does not decide the order on the 24th, the candidates will be on the list based on the rule “first come, first served”.
  • The Party president can only decide the priority order, but he cannot choose to have less official candidates than the maximum number of seats his country has.


Party X proposes to its country a list of 10 candidates in a specific order:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
  10. J

On the election day, the citizen will not see the list to choose a candidate but he will be in the situation to take an easier decision, to vote for a party.

If this party will get 50 votes from a total of 100 votes, the party gets 50% of the total votes. As a result, the first 5 candidates on this list will join the Congress.

If the party had only 4 candidates then all will join the Congress but one seat will remain unoccupied and the country will remain with one less congress for that month.

Why should you become a member of Congress?

It is an opportunity to enhance your skills while contributing to your country’s development. Members of Congress, with the help of the President, ensure the political and economic stability of the country.

As member of Congress you can propose the following: the amount of national currency/Gold to be Donated from the country's treasury to an organization, Tax changes, a new Minimum wage, President Impeachment (forcible removal of the country's president) or they can provide a Citizenship.

You also have the power to express your vote regarding: the Welcome message to new citizens, Defense system acquisitions, Alliances of your country, declaring war and peace proposals, and stopping trade with other countries.

What do you have to do to become member of Congress?

In order to be a candidate for the congressional elections, you need at least 100 experience points (level 12) and you also must convince your party president to approve your nomination for a congressional seat.

Voting process

You can see the time of announcing official results from the election page.

At 00:00 (eRepublik time) on the 26th of each month, the voting ends for the congressional candidates. The final results are released 24 hours later, as part of the anti-cheating project (introduced by eRepublik Admin on Day 912 (May 20, 2010)). From 00:00 on the 26th to 00:00 on the 27th, there is a delay, during which the results for the election are displayed as intermediate results. This time is used to check votes and remove the ones that come from multi-accounts. The previous month's congress members keep their seats during the election check. Rewards and alerts are then sent to the members if they are legitimately elected, and the results in the election are changed to official results.

Important notes

If you become a member of Congress, you receive 20 experience points and a Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD reward. Candidates running for congress are not allowed to resign from the party they run for during the election day, but can change their location within the country. Elected members of Congress also have the ability to change their residence without effect on their congressional status, and they can also resign from their seat in Congress. Only top 5 parties (at 00:00 of 25th) will have candidates in congressional elections. Country Presidents cannot run for Congress elections.

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