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On the 25th of each month, citizens vote for representatives in the Congress of their citizenship country on the Congress elections.

For who you can vote?

A citizen can vote for one of the top 5 political parties in the country. These parties are determined on the 25th of the month at 00:00 eRep time. On the 25th, the citizen chooses one of the party lists by confirming on the "vote" button.

Why should you become a member of Congress?

Main articles: Congress and Congress member

It is an opportunity to enhance your skills while contributing to your country’s development. Members of Congress, with the help of the President, ensure the political and economic stability of the country.

As a member of Congress, you can propose different laws and vote on them. You can also grant citizenship.

What do you have to do to become a Congress candidate?

On your party page, simply click Run for the Congress button
Main article: Congress candidate

In order to be a candidate for the congressional elections, you need at least 300 experience points (level 15) and nominate yourself.

The nomination itself is easy. Between the 16th and 23rd of every month, you can just go to your party page Congress section and click on the Run for Congress button. You can also provide a link in which you explain why should you be the next Congress member.

The last thing is to convince your party president to put you high on the party list.

How does the party president choose candidates?

The party president will choose the candidates on the 24th of the month in the following manner:

  • Every party can propose a maximum number of candidates equal to the maximum number of Congress seats in that country. There is no minimum of how many candidates the president can propose.
  • Set up a party list with all the candidates in the exact order the party president wants them in Congress. The chance to get elected in Congress is higher for the ones at the top of the list.
  • The Party president can only decide the priority order, but he cannot choose to have fewer official candidates than the maximum number of seats his country has. For example, if he has 40 nominees and the maximum number of seats in Congress for the upcoming elections is 40, he needs to choose the priority for all 40 nominees.
If the party president does not decide the order of the candidates on the 24th, they will be on the list based on the rule “first come, first served” - who applied first will stay first, who applied second will stay second, etc.

How many Congress members can a country have?

A country can have between 0 and 100 representatives in Congress, depending on the number of regions that country has under its control.

The number of potential congress seats is locked on the 23rd at 02:00 eRep time and it remains locked until the 27th at 00:00 eRep time, which means that regardless of the change in the region ownership in the "locked" period, the maximum number of Congress seats for upcoming elections won't change.

A country will have a congress if they have at least a region on every month on 23rd 02:00, 25th 00:00 and 27th 00:00

Election results

You can see the time of announcing official results from the election page.

At 00:00 (eRepublik time) on the 26th of each month, the voting ends. The final results are released 24 hours later, as part of the anti-cheating project (introduced by eRepublik Admin on Day 912 (May 20, 2010) and on Day 2,979 (16 January 2016 amended).

From 00:00 on the 26th to 00:00 on the 27th, there is a delay, during which the results for the election are displayed as intermediate results. This time is used to check votes and remove the ones that come from multi-accounts. The previous month's congress members keep their seats during the election check. Rewards and alerts are then sent to the members if they are legitimately elected, and the results in the election are changed to official results.

Election day process example

Congress election results
Congress election results - expended after clicking on the "show candidates" button

Let's imagine a country where the maximum number of candidates elected can be 10.

Parties X, W, Z, Y propose a list of 10 candidates (maximum) in a specific order:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. I
  10. J

Every other nominated candidate after selected 10 will not be on the party list.

Party QQ had only 1 nominated candidate and therefore proposes a party list of 1 candidate:

  1. A

All parties end up winning 20% of votes - which means that all of them get 2 Congress seats. This means that the first 2 candidates on the lists of parties X, W, Z, Y will join the Congress, however, party QQ will only get their 1 candidate in. This is because the party had fewer candidates on the party list than the seats they won. The 1 remaining seat will be unoccupied and the country will only have 9 Congress members for that month.

Important notes

  • If you become a member of Congress, you receive 20 experience points and a Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD reward.
  • Candidates running for congress are not allowed to resign from the party they run for during the election day, but can change their location.
  • Elected members of Congress also have the ability to change their residence and parties without effect on their congressional status, and they can also resign from their Congress seat if they desire so.
  • Country Presidents cannot run for Congress elections.

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