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The following are some of the milestones in the history of Icon-North Macedonia.png North Macedonia and Icon-North Macedonia.png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), as it was previously known.


The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was added to the New World on day 1052 (7 October 2010). The presidential elections were won by United Macedonia and soon they had a Congress. The next month United Macedonia was re-elected and made the country even stronger. The third and maybe toughest month was under the presidency of Drashhh_III_Makedonski. That month Macedonia entered a Cold War with their east neighbour Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria. They conquered Sofia and Vidin and attacked Ruse. While the siege of Ruse was still going, Vidin was liberated by the Bulgarian Resistance Force. Unfortunately, Macedonia also lost the attack and Bulgaria had the initiative. Soon after the Macedonians faced hard counterattacks and lost Sofia. After a couple of days of ping pong battles, the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was deleted from the map of the New World.

Winning freedom, peace with Bulgaria and aftermath

Though many opposed it, the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) signed a Peace treaty with Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria after winning freedom and with that a Non-Aggression Pact, under the ruling of Strumjanin. At the end of his first month as president, he made a deal with the Icon-Serbia.png Serbian president, fib. The deal was that the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) would get Western Serbia, a region high with Icon - Iron.png Iron and in return, Macedonia would send Icon - Gold.gif 200 GOLD to the treasury of Serbia every month. Unfortunately, the new rule that was implemented - to have a bonus from a region it must be connected with the capital - meant that Western Serbia was useless and was returned.

Operation "Frog Kiss"

Before the return of Western Serbia, Icon-Italy.png Italy attacked Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro and won two out of three Montenegrin regions. Macedonia attacked the remaining region of Montenegro and won, therefore they had a border with Italy. With the starting of the Italian-Macedonian war started, Macedonia got on the Apennines and for the first time in history, left the Balkans. The Montenegrin regions were returned and Italy was almost conquered. Only a couple of regions in the north of Italy were left and Macedonia decided to split those regions with Slovenia.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Frog Kiss" Ribbon - Operation Frog Kiss.jpg

Conquering of Italy and the ONE invasion of Bulgaria

Icon-Romania.png Romania, Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png BiH, Icon-Italy.png Italy and Icon-Croatia.png Croatia were conquered by ONE forces, Icon-Greece.png Greece was left with a couple of regions, and the next target was Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria. ONE started an all-out attack on Bulgaria and won all of its regions. Icon-Serbia.png Serbia won Vidin, Ruse, Plovdiv and Burgas. They gained a border with Icon-Russia.png Russia and quickly started going after them. By the time of the attacks on Russia, Croatia, BiH, Romania and Italy freed themselves and Vidin, Ruse and Plovdiv were won back by the Resistance Force of Bulgaria. Macedonia occupied Vidin and Sofia and Hungary won Varna.

Abandoning original regions and gaining new resources

Bulgaria successfully came back on the map, but lost all its colonies in Asia. The heads of Macedonia decided to move their capital to Italy, so they would gain new opportunities and more resources. Bulgaria conquered all the original regions of Macedonia. The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was also facing RWs in Italy and attacks from both Italy and France. Poland decided to help Macedonia by cutting the French-Macedonian border and ending the war. Soon after Macedonia and Poland signed a peace treaty with France, but the attacks from the Italian side continued. Still, they were able to retake the initiative and conquer more of the Italian regions, as in the Balkans, they returned their original regions but did not restart the war with Bulgaria.

Operation "Swiss Chocolate"

With the war on the Apennines over and Italy once again occupied, Macedonia started Operation "Swiss Chocolate". The goal was small and easy to achieve, but very needed, the goal was to occupy the regions of Switzerland which were rich with Cattle and Iron, two regions which couldn't be found in Italy. The Operation was a partial success, because Deutschschweiz, the region high with Iron, was occupied by Slovenia, along with the rest of the regions, except Romandie. Romandie was high with Cattle and was the only region to be occupied by Macedonia in operation "Swiss Chocolate".

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Swiss Chocolate" Ribbon - Operation Swiss Chocolate.jpg

Operation "Vergina"

After occupying all of Egypt and most of Saudi Arabia, Greece decided that they go for FYR Macedonia. They wanted to conquer Macedonia and free Italy and Switzerland. But after the attack on Western Macedonia, the Greeks saw the true power of the Macedonians, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was able to retake the initiative and then attack the Greek region Macedonia. After the conquering of Macedonia, they continued the invasion, first, they made a bridge to the Apennines by taking Epirus, the Ionian Islands and Apulia (originally an Italian region but conquered by Greece). After the setting of the bridge, they wanted to cut off all borders with Thrace, the Greek Capital, hitting hard on the Greek Economy. They attacked and won the Aegean Islands, leaving Greece with only one resource. They continued the attacks on Greek original and occupied regions and eventually, Greece was no longer on the eWorld map.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Vergina" Ribbon - Operation Vergina.jpg

Operation "Desert Hamsters"

Before the "Vergina" even started, Greece had occupied all of Egypt and most of Saudi Arabia. But when the Greek-Macedonian War started, Macedonia launched Operation "Desert Hamsters", which goal was to free the Greek occupied regions in the Middle East. The Operation was successful, as Egypt was totally free, but later they rented the region Sinai to Cyprus, and when Saudi Arabia was about to be freed, Iran said that they will take their regions in order to win more resources. The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was against this, so they kept the Saudi Arabian regions bordering Iran. Saudi Arabia was left with the regions of Al Riyadh, Najran and Al Madinah, which at the time belonged to Macedonia.

Operation "Alexandria" and aftermath

During the "Vergina" operation, the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) lost many of the regions in Italy, including the then capital Umbria, so the President, with his associates, got the idea to move the capital to Red Sea Coast, Egypt. That move would give Macedonia more opportunities and resources. This operation had one more pro, if Greece was to come back on the map, they would of course attack FYR Macedonia, but if Macedonia returned to Lower Egypt, they wouldn't have a border with the rest of the regions, so they would be safe. In the end, the operation proved to be a success, as Greece freed itself and conquered the original regions of Macedonia, moving the Macedonian capital to RSC and far from the fires of Greece. Soon after the moving of the capital, Greece took over Lower Egypt and the Western Desert (which were given back to Egypt because they were not needed) and attacked FYR Macedonia. Macedonia was able to take back the initiative and conquer all of Greece again, but lost many regions in Saudi Arabia including Sinai from Egypt. That caused Cyprus, an ally of Macedonia, to attack and conquer those regions.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Alexandria" Ribbon - Operation Alexandria.jpg

Operation "Incistan"

The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) wanted a bridge with the rest of their regions in Saudi Arabia, but the only problem was Cyprus which had taken all the regions that bordered the Red Sea Coast. The Government of FYR Macedonia asked for a meeting between them and Cyprus. Macedonia wanted a peaceful deal, but the first suggestion was not accepted, the second one was for Macedonia to take only Makkah, which would give Macedonia Grain, and Cyprus would only lose Oil. The suggestion was misunderstood and taken as a threat, and therefore was not accepted. Afterwards, Cyprus started indirect attacks on FYR Macedonia, they also started Resistance Wars in Macedonian occupied regions, which caused a Macedonian Congress to propose a NE law, which was then accepted. That day, operation Incistan was launched (Incistan was a name referred to as Cyprus which was PTOed by a group called iNCi). The goal of "Incistan" was to conquer Cyprus, but the operation backfired. Macedonia lost all their regions in Italy and Greece, later on, the original territories were taken by Greece. Still, they had occupied all of Cyprus, but unfortunately, they won back their territories.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Incistan" Ribbon - Operation Incistan.jpg

Operation "Incistan: Part Deux"

Operation "Incistan: Part Deux" was a sequel to "Incistan" with a similar goal. The goal was to retrieve all of the Cypriot, Greek and Macedonian original regions. They were partially successful as they retrieved their original territories, won the Cypriot regions, and then lost them again. As for the Greek regions, they were totally unsuccessful there.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Incistan: Part Deux" Ribbon - Operation Incistan Part Deux.jpg

Adding of Albania, Kosovo votes and other

The addition of Albania and Kosovo was announced on 28 August, this caused a riot in Serbia. The Admins wanted peace in the eWorld, so they set out a pole, where the people of eRepublik would decide whether Kosovo should be a region of Serbia or a free country. Then it was decided that Kosovo will be a region of Serbia, but the surprising thing was that 83% of Turkey voted for free Kosovo. That caused an even bigger riot in Serbia than before, which put FYR Macedonia between two brothers, Turkey and Serbia. Many Macedonians still wanted peace, but with the attacks of Turkey on Iran, they switched to Serbia. Then after conquering Iran, Turkey did something no one expected, they attacked the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The war caused the starting of Operation "Turkey Sandwich"

Operation "Turkey Sandwich"

The goal of operation "Turkey Sandwich" was to conquer Turkey and free Iran, but the operation was unsuccessful because Turkey was backed by Greece and Cyprus, which left Macedonia and the Middle Eastern countries occupied by the three allies.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Turkey Sandwich" Ribbon - Operation Turkey Sandwich.jpg

Operation "Wild West"

After the end of "Turkey Sandwich", FYR Macedonia was occupied, but after a while, Macedonia was back on the map. Since Albania's Protection was over, they were the next target for Macedonia. Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) managed to occupy two of the three regions of Albania, the third one being taken by Serbia. After, they started an attack on Italy and continued on to attack Brazil and help Spain kick them out of the Pyrenees Peninsula. Soon after, an attack by Greece followed and all the regions outside of the Balkan Peninsula were lost. Since Turkey was about to be accepted to EDEN, Bulgaria, who was a sworn enemy of Turkey, decided that it would be best to leave EDEN and change sides. Soon after, a NE law was proposed against Turkey and was accepted the next day. That move by Bulgaria caused a riot in Greece, which resulted with the end of the Bulgreece brotherhood and a NE law against Bulgaria by Greece. Fortunately, Bulgaria and Macedonia were able to take back the initiative and conquer most of Greece and parts of Turkey.

A ribbon was awarded to every soldier who fought in Operation "Wild West" Ribbon - Operation Wild West.jpg

Operation "Crete Against Yahudis"

On 12 June 2012, Israel attacked Macedonia, in a coordinated effort to stop the ongoing invasion, and was able to successfully complete this attack. As a result of this unexpected victory, considering the population of both countries, Israel gained control over Crete. Facing several simultaneous fronts and the ferocity of other ONE-TEDEN wars, the Macedonian invasion of Albania and Greece was put to rest. The countries took the initiative which ended in total occupation and eventually an unofficial truce between the two forces.

Country name changed

On 24th of March 2022[1] Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) became North Macedonia in the New World.