History of Serbia

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Flag of Serbia   Coat of Arms of Serbia

On the map

General rank 1
Anthem Bože Pravde
(God of Justice)
"Bože Pravde" <video type="youtube" id="CXlBc-vSi2s" width="100%" height="25px" frame="false" position="center" />
Motto С Вером у Бога
(With faith in God.)
Capital Belgrade
Language Serbian
Population 15842
President [ZareLegenda ]
Party Stranka Zdravog Razuma
Currency Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian Dinar (RSD)
Minimum salary Flag-Serbia.jpg 8 RSD
Territories 36

Map of Serbia

Last update 6th of February 2013.

Birth Of A Nation

The Beginning

The few Serbs were scattered across the New World and then this article was published...

„Greetings orthodox brothers, RTS is broadcasting!

The new radio-television has begun to broadcast in Greece. The Radio Television of Serbia. We will write about events in Greece and Serbs in Greece. If we find someone who can translate our articles to Greek we will publish them in Greek too. This is all from us to everyone in Greece (Hellas). Expect new articles soon. Regards.“''

This short article, written in English and apparently in one breath, is probably the first text published about Serbia. With 5 votes and 2 comments, this article from player Azoo Lazzo, started the organization and creation of one of today's greatest powers of the New World: Serbia. In the beta version, where the entrance to the game required an invitation, a small number of Serbian players, when came, were scattered across the world, but player SER_JOLEX claimed that most of them were in Greece.

The few Serbs, after coming to the game have chosen Greece as their homeland because of great cultural and historical bonds in real life. In that time the Greek led a liberation war from the Turks and maybe that was an additional motive to find their temporarily fatherland in Greece. This article was important because Serbs started to contact each other with one clear idea: to introduce Serbia to the New World.

That was a world with no training wars with a small number of players and even less referrals. The companies were mainly Q1 and Q2 while Q3 was a term in the game. Health was recovered by food and gifts and a house was a term of property. No Serb was even a General.

In that time ATLANTIS alliance was far stronger than PEACE GC. Romania was the greatest power in the New World and controlled half of Russia (who was previously conquered by Norway). Greece was firstly in PEACE GC but left it later when they were attack by Turkey because their main alliance didn’t wait to help them.

Conflicts in the Balkans (Romania as the greatest power, Hungary, Greece and Turkey) and even conflicts of Finland, Sweden and Russia have somehow set the direction for further development of events after new Balkan countries are introduced.

Indonesia had most of the eastern world under their control (from India to Australia) and even got a border with Romania. They attacked the original Hungarian and Russian regions which were under occupation of Romania and Norway. Because of that a lot of Serbs went to these countries and it’s possible that bonds from that period directed Serbia to the PEACE GC alliance.