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Nationality Flag-Switzerland.jpg Swiss
Date of birth 06 March 2009
Residence Flag-Switzerland.jpg Tyrol
Sex Male
Newspaper Die Rheinische Post
Ambassador to Canada of Germany
18 June 2009 – 19 July 2009
Congress member of Germany
26 June 2009 – 26 July 2009
Congress member of Canada
26 August 2009 – 26 September 2009
26 November 2009 – 26 December 2009
Ambassador to Belgium of Canada
9 November 2009 – unknown
Grand Master of Military Order of Rhenus
12 November 2009 – unknown
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**

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HuCard has taken up citizenship in Taiwan.

HuCard de Cologne, born on the 6th of March in Smaland, is a Canadian (German outside of eRepublik) citizen, politician and currently congressman, and the Grand Master of the Military Order of Rhenus. His primary interest lies in politics, although he is occasionally seen reaching for a weapon should there be something in need of being defended by force. He audits his views through his newspaper "Die Rheinische Post" and currently serves as the Canadian ambassador to Belgium.

The name "HuCard" stems from an unintentional misspelling of the medium of the late 80's console NEC PC-Engine, the "HuCARD".



HuCard joined eRepublik on the 6th of March after being prompted to do so by a friend of his. He first saw the light in Smaland, Sweden to which he had been invited by Hourai who also introduced him to the game and the eWorld, and was at first oblivious towards the previous stained relations between Sweden and Germany.

Affiliation with Germany

At the dawn of the Third Sweden-Germany War however, due to considering the aggressions of the Swedish site to be unfounded and unjustifiable and due to suddenly developing patriotic feelings he moved to Germany to fend off the invaders. As the defence of the country crumbled and the territory he was in fell to the Swedes, he briefly went to Japan to fight on. When the last German strongholds fell, he eventually moved to Indonesia in order to quickly pile up gold.

Odyssey back home

On the 22nd of June, he returned to Germany to run for congress in North Rhine-Westphalia, after a long, painful, and expensive odyssey due to bad organisation.

When he left his residence in Indonesia, he decided to stop in Hungary to fight a bit against the Polish invasion of Saxony and to refresh his Wellness before returning to Germany. However, upon having bought a new moving ticket, he noticed that Hungary is at war with Germany and thus, he would have to take another detour. Seeing how Q4 gifts and tickets were currently the cheapest in the USA, he then proceeded to buy about 65 USD for around 1.5 Gold and left for... another screen telling him that Hungary waged war against his destination, which The German Eagle helpfully left out when asked previously if the USA was in an armed conflict with Germany for clarification. "[21:47:17] <The_German_Eagle> das haste nicht gefragt... ;-)"

Slowly losing his patience and worrying that if he kept this up he would eventually run out of gold spending everything on moving tickets and worthless foreign currencies, he eventually flew to the Philippines, bought another ticket there and finally arrived back home in North Rhine-Westphalia, exhausted and rather annoyed. Although the leading therapist of the psychiatric clinic in Bonn stated he would have taken it rather humorously overall. Reports of loud, insane laughter and repeated screams of "PLAAAANES" coming from his cell are still being verified.

HuCard fighting during the Swedish invasion of Germany.

Split with Germany

After Germany ceased its support for its long-time ally Canada, whom HuCard had strongly sympathised with beforehand, and after it took the next step of becoming member of PEACE, he grew severely unsatisfied with the development. He became quite ambitious and increasingly dissenting from the government's official course propagated the friendship with Canada and fought actively but in the end futilely against joining the alliance. Thus, when he could not run for congress for a second term and had become unable to try and influence the country's politics from within, he decided to leave his home and instead moved in order to be able to join forces with the Canadian warriors for the defence of their country and to start a new and free political life in a country not, in his opinion unlike Germany, under the constant surveillance and indirect control by PEACE. Further elaborated reasons for his decision can be found in this article.

Becoming a Canadian

When HuCard spent some more time in the Canadian community during World War III, following his departure from Germany and stay in Spain from where he fought, he eventually started to truly appreciate the country and chose to commit himself to it, going on to request (and be granted) Canadian citizenship. After a few of its regions had been liberated following Canada's complete eradication at the hands of PEACE, he moved to Prince Edward Island and joined the Democratic Action League upon invitation by Scorpius. He thereupon successfully ran for congress in August with the intention of more actively supporting his new home from the inside.

The Order of Rhenus

In the light of Indonesia's invasion of the Federal Republic of South East Asia and the deployment of Canadian Armed Forces Rangers to defend the latter, HuCard decided to found the Military Order of Rhenus in order to support them, in the process proclaiming himself its Grand Master.


A monarchist, HuCard soon realised that neither are there any monarchs to serve or overthrow and replace in this game, nor any noble titles to earn, and thus he instead focused on other goals.

Originally he dreamt of an purely defensive and peaceful alliance consisting of small, neutral states, but after the scarring experiences of the third World War he began to change his mind, now dismissing his former plans as unrealistic. Moved by Canada's loyalty and selflessness towards its allies during the conflict, he however made it his new goal to devote his abilities to his new home in order to help rebuilding and strengthening it.

Rumour has it he still has got some plans for Germany, but he announced to solely focus on Canada for a while.

HuCard writing an article for his newspaper, Die Rheinische Post.

Ambassadorship to Canada

On the 18th of June, HuCard was officially appointed German ambassador to Canada. His term was ended on the 19th of June after some disputes over his (unofficially propagated) overly passionate defence of Canada as it was under attack by France, which strayed from the government's course of neutrality in the conflict.

Congress candidature

HuCard successfully ran for congress in North Rhine-Westphalia as a member of the Neue Bürgerliche Union and was elected with a total of 6 votes, starting his term at the 26th of June 2009. It ended one month after and he was not set up for a rerun.

Involvement in Canadian politics

After having moved to Canada and gotten his citizenship there, HuCard joined the Democratic Action League and successfully ran for congress on Prince Edward Island during the elections in August 2009. Later on in November, he was also assigned the position of ambassador to Belgium. In the same month he was also re-elected into the Canadian congress in Québec.