Hungarian Elit Unit

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Hungarian Elit Unit

Hungarian Elit Unit.jpg

General Information
Founded Beginning of 2009
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Access policy Invitation by the Commander needed
Total Soldiers 37
Commanded by szeku
2nd Commander classfighter
1st Regiment Captain e.Jean68

Hungarian Elit Unit (also known as Hun Elit Unit and Magyar Elit) is one of the oldest active military units in Hungary and eRepublik. The unit had a much bigger influence in earlier years. In 2015 it joined forces with Black Army - Fekete Sereg to create a larger unit – Legends of Hungary – and a majority of its members moved there. At some point during 2017, Legends of Hungary split back into the original two again.

To join this military unit you need an invitation from the Commander.


As the name implies, the military unit was started as an elite unit where the strongest soldiers had the opportunity to join and fight for Hungary. The unit was established in 2009 and transformed into real military unit on March 1st 2011 (day 1197). The unit also established Elit Junior, a subdivision of Hungarian Elit Unit for new players, which was later disbanded. The only known Commander of that unit was HercuIe Poirot.

Chain of the command

Unfortunately, a lot of information about the chain of command was not kept properly, therefore it is only known for some of them:

Notable soldiers

The unit had overtime several soldiers in its midst who are (or were) making an impact on Hungarian and world-wide scene. Some of them are (in alphabetical order):

  • Morreau – one of the strongest soldier at the time
  • Nalaja – 5 times elected as President of Hungary