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The International Academy Awards was judged by a number judges, which their name will not be revealed, and it is declaring in all types of eRepublik life, the greatest man that was in that category, that months. It's judges in the categories of Military, Politics, Economy and Journalism.

November 2010


Winner - Railman, with his newspaper WSI 24

Railman has THE MOST subscribers, readers, commenters and voters over the past month. He reached this month to 2,500+ Subscribers, which stands for his magnificent work.


Winner - Count Drakula - UK Chief of General Staff

Count Drakula led a great offence from the side of the UK. He attacked, with the force of the British Armed Forces, neighbour countries and enemy countries.


Winner - CRoy - USA Country President candidate

CRoy started a controversial presidential campaign. He started in Israel by trying to be the President of Israel, but failed, and was runner-up for Gavin Wax. Then he went to the US and started there a presidential campaign, and swept the nation. He truly deserves this prize, because almost no one can make a whole nation like him.


Winner - Necros Xiaoban - New Zealand Minister of Finance

Necros, just when New Zealand was established, he became in November the Minister of Finance and kept the NZD steady and high. Not only he kept it there, he also made it one of the most valuable currency in the eWorld, by making Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD equal to 11.18 NZD.