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New Zealand
Flag of New Zealand   Coat of Arms of New Zealand

On the map

General rank 64
Country power 153
Anthem God Defend New Zealand
Capital Otago
Alliance Nebula
Language English, Serbian
Population 106
Average level 75
President KrMa
Party Maori Party
Political titles
vCP KrMa
MoD kurojca
MoFA DOBRSbanovani
Governor Koska de STRAH
MoEd Crusadercarl
Currency Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Minimum salary 5.00 NZD
Average salary 71.94 NZD
Food bonus N/A
Weapon bonus N/A
House bonus N/A
Aircraft bonus N/A
Territories 1
Natural enemy United Arab Emirates

Map of New Zealand

Last update 14 May 2017

New Zealand is a small country located in the southeastern hemisphere of the New World. On Day 1051, New Zealand became one of the six new countries of eRepublik [1]. The New Zealand IRC channel is #eNewZealand.

Tab society.png Society


English is the most commonly spoken language in New Zealand, however, many of the nation's residents greet each other by using "Kia Ora" which is Maori for 'hello'. Maori is an indigenous language to New Zealand. Serbian is also a commonly spoken language.


See History of New Zealand


There was one state religion (Kiwism) that believed in a great Golden Kiwi that created New Zealand and the world from holy wool. Unfortunately, the religion never became recognized and soon died.


New Zealand is a country that is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, bordered by Flag-Australia.jpg Australia and Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia in the north-west and Flag-Peru.jpg Peru and Flag-Chile.jpg Chile in the east. The population is spread out on two main islands and hundreds of small islands.

Historically New Zealand has had all four of its regions but with the passage of time and the general decrease in population, it became increasingly hard to sustain all four regions under their control. Eventually, in late 2014, it was agreed that due to the small population size, NZ would retain one region and rent the other three to neighbors Peru and Chile. This was meant so that a consistent series of resistance wars could take place but also so that NZ could continue function in-game. The agreements, while unpopular with a segment of the population, are deemed the principle reason NZ has yet to be wiped fully.

The original territory of New Zealand is composed of several regions: AucklandCanterbury (occupied by Icon-Croatia.png), Otago, and Wellington.

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Otago Icon-capital.gif Icon-New Zealand.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Otago.png
Auckland Icon-New Zealand.png Icon - Grain.png Grain Region-Auckland.png
Rajasthan Icon-India.png Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Region-Rajasthan.png
Wales Icon-United Kingdom.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Wales.png
Wellington Icon-New Zealand.png Icon - Deer.png Deer Region-Wellington.png

Icon position party member.gif Government and politics


Premier House, the Official Residence of the Prime Minister of New Zealand
The Beehive is the main administrative building for the NZ Civil Service and Members of Parliament

Icon position country president.gif Prime Ministers

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is elected on the fifth day of every month by the citizens of New Zealand. Upon taking office, a Prime Minister's first set of duties require him to organize his or her cabinet ministers, who assist them in the running of the country.

Premier House, is the official residence of the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

To see more information about the elections for the Prime Minister, check: New Zealand/Presidential Elections

Government Departments and Cabinet of Ministers

Icon - Congress.jpg‎ Parliament

The Parliament of New Zealand operates through the Congress implemented through the eRepublik system. Members of Parliament (MP's) are elected on the twenty fifth of each month. The entirety of Parliamentary operations is conducted through the New Zealand forums and IRC Chats.

More: NZ Parliamentary Elections

Icon position party president.gif Parties

Logo Party Abb. President Orientation Members
Party-Ujedinjenje ili smrt.jpg Ujedinjenje ili smrt UIS Djeza Far-Left, Libertarian 26
Party-Socialist Party of New Zealand.jpg Socialist Party of New Zealand SPNZ Vatrogasac Draza Center, Authoritarian 19
Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.png Peace 'n' Prosperity Party PnPP JarkesH Centrist, Libertarian 9
Party-Black Party of New Zealand.jpg Black Party of New Zealand BPNZ milosforzajuve Centre, Libertarian 6
Party-Maori Party.gif Maori Party MP KrMa Centre, Libertarian 4

Last update: May 14, 2017

Icon military.png Military

New Zealand has a long and proud military history. Its forces consist of a wide variety of citizens from all major backgrounds. Although a young nation, NZ's military history is a proud one. The nation is one of the more powerful military forces in the game, largely due to the concentration of a large contingent of strong fighters within it. This is a legacy of the Serbian and Slovenian migration to the nation during its early months.

Many Kiwis pride themselves on the record of their military. Of the various institutions in NZ, few have the prestige and broad support that the NZ military does. The government takes concrete steps to ensure that business and market forces are regulated in order to help the military. This has sometimes come at the expense of local companies.


The military structure in NZ has been developed and evolved with time. Considering the relative youth of NZ as a nation within the New World, its military foundations continue to evolve and develop with the passing of time.

Military operations of the New Zealand government is handled by the NZ Ministry of Defence. This usually entails a set of Ministers, appointed by the President who deal with the military affairs of NZ. These ministers are usually drawn from the main political parties of NZ and have experience in military affairs. On most occasions, the President will also cooperate with the military commanders of the respective divisions of the NZ Army.

The New Zealand Army is the primary military organization of New Zealand. It is composed of two divisions,

These units are divided, with the NZSF housing fighters with strength over 2,5000 and the NZDF housing the remainder. Both units were originally part of the NZDF but major reforms to the Army in June 2011 led to the adoption of its current structure.

Foreign Affairs

New Zealand has historically been a non-aligned country. It has usually refused to take part in any of the major alliances that existed within the world and this was one of the traditional policies of neutrality that had been so adhered to by countless NZ governments during the early period of its existence. It featured prominently in political debate and was deemed to have been the consensus of the NZ political class.

However, this changed however during the period of Aotearoa rule, when the government began to shift its affiliation towards what was then the alliance known as ONE. By the later part of 2011, NZ had become a ONE aligned nation and has developed stronger ties with those nations. It soon ceased to be considered a neutral nation and developed friendly ties with other ONE nations, especially Serbia, Slovenia and Indonesia (the later much to the annoyance of Australia.

Historically New Zealand has sought to remain on close terms with those countries that were linked with ONE and even after that alliance collapse in December 2012, it developed friendly ties with its successor TWO but refused to join with it. It later sought to align with Circle of Trust and became a founding member of it. However, due to domestic political discourse and division, it eventually left this and joined the pro-TWO alliance ACT in June, 2013. It remained part of ACT until TWO was formally dissolved in January of 2014.

Eventually it agreed to a new alliance Tripod with Thailand and this alliance has currently remained in effect during this time period. Although limited in its benefit, it has helped NZ figures to migrate and they have helped to aid each other during certain war situations. It remains a low priority of the current leadership.

Icon political accept default.png Mutual protection pacts

Icon-war.png Wars

Name Combatants Date
Otago-Tasmania Swap Icon-Australia.png Australia vs. Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand January 17-January 29, 2011
Headless Wallaby War Icon-Chile.png Chile vs. Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand January 30-February 4, 2011
Land Swap Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia vs. Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand February 10-February 20, 2011
Argentina-New Zealand War Icon-Argentina.png Argentina vs. Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand May 13, 2011-May 20, 2011

Icon economy.png Economy

Icon taxes.gif Taxes

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 1% 99% 1%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 1% 99% 1%
Icon - Aircraft Q1.png Aircraft 1% 99% 3%
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 1% 99% 5%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses 1% 99% 1%
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material 1% 99% -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material 1% 99% -
Icon - Aircraft Raw Materials.png Aircraft raw material 1% 1% -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material 1% 1% -
  • Last update: May 14, 2017

Icon embargo.gif Country trading embargoes

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.